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Fearful Dog Thrown In A Ditch By A Heartless Person Is Finally Safe

Fearful Dog Thrown In A Ditch By A Heartless Person Is Finally Safe

If there is one thing I will never understand, it’s how some people can just be cruel to a defenseless animal without any reason.

A lot of dogs just want to have food, a roof over their head, and somebody to love, but the treatment they get from some humans can sometimes be too much for them.

Because of that, they lose trust in us and it’s hard to repair that. In this story, we will talk about a pup who was thrown in a ditch and couldn’t get up on his own because she was so weak.

Milagro Was So Weak

malnourished dog lying on sidewalk
Source: Paws Show

When the rescuers first spotted Milagro, she was in a ditch that somebody had thrown her into, and she was so scared.

She was so malnourished that she just couldn’t move on her own, so she stayed where she was. However, her rescuers were determined to help her.

One of them got down in the ditch and helped pull her up. She started crying because she didn’t know if these people meant well.

After they got her out, she settled down when they gave her some food. They examined her and were heartbroken to see just how much she suffered.

photo of malnourished dog
Source: Paws Show

They were lucky to find her when they did because the water in the ditch would eventually rise, and who knows what would happen then.

Now that she was safe, they immediately took her to a clinic where she would receive the treatment she deserved.

Even though they have given her all the necessary treatment and are constantly feeding her, Milagro still can’t move. She was also dewormed and they removed all the ticks from her skin.

She Is A Fighter

dog lying and getting an ivf
Source: Paws Show

The vets continued helping her and noticed a small change as time went on. She was now able to stand on her feet.

Even though she was still very timid and unsure of other people, the rescuers noted that she was doing a lot better and was even able to walk now.

She is growing stronger with each day and everyone is so proud of her for being such a strong fighter.

Her battle is not over yet, but she continues to get better, and her mood has also improved.

photo of recovered dog
Source: Paws Show

Milagro has grown very fond of her rescuers and has even started showing her little tail wag whenever they are with her.

This was good as it meant that she was recovering from her past trauma and has started trusting other people.

Some more time passed and Milagro became unrecognizeable. She now looks like a very healthy dog who just wants to enjoy her life.

While we don’t know what happened next or if she found a forever home with someone, I have faith that her amazing rescuers did everything to help her.