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Fearful Rescue Dog Growling At People Discovers Love For The First Time Ever

Fearful Rescue Dog Growling At People Discovers Love For The First Time Ever

A human and dog relationship is one of the most special and treasured bonds we have, and it’s something that is often understated.

While I can understand that not every person has to be a dog lover, I expect all people to show at least some sort of respect to them.

The reality is different, unfortunately, and it’s hard thinking about how often they are mistreated without any of it being their fault.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet rescue dog who was so frightened of humans that she outright refused and growled at anyone who got close to her.

A Very Troubled Dog

scared rescue dog
Source: @angelas_ark

When Mia was first saved by rescuers from Onalaska Farm Sanctuary in Washington, she had been dealing with a lot of trauma from her past encounters and was terrified of people.

Anytime anyone tried to approach her, she would just growl and start barking. She didn’t have any faith in anybody.

I just can’t even begin to imagine what Mia had to go through with other people in order to react in such a way.

The people who saved her knew it would be a challenging task to help her regain her trust in humanity, but one of the rescuers, Angela, decided to accept this challenge.

woman giving dog a treat
Source: @angelas_ark

She took Mia to her home in Washington, and one of the first things on her mind was to just let her adapt slowly to the new environment and get more comfortable there.

Angela told The Dodo: “The first few days, when I would come in and out of the room, she would kind of run back into her kennel and peer out at me.

Mia was also very hesitant to accept Angela’s kindness, and she would not let her pet her for the first few days she was there.

Mia Has Regained Her Trust

rescue dog lying on a blanket
Source: @angelas_ark

In order to help her get out of her shell more often, she would leave food out so Mia would have to get out of the kennel and eat it.

This naturally helped her get more comfortable in the new environment, but she still needed that one extra push that would help her relax even more.

After a while, she would even let Angela pet her. She said: “I started to kind of pet her a little bit through the bars of the kennel. That’s when I think we had a breakthrough.

Mia finally started believing that her rescuer only wanted what was best for her, and she let her guard down around her.

Soon enough, though, she would even come out of her kennel and start walking around the house. This was an even bigger milestone.

four dogs in nature
Source: @angelas_ark

She had completely melted in Angela’s arms. It was almost like she was a completely different dog at this point.

Angela said: “Could not believe this dog who’s been trying to snarl and snap at me through the kennel is now rubbing her head all over me.

She became such a loving and sweet dog in such a short time. Angela is so happy to have had the opportunity to help her recover from her trauma.

If this story can be interpreted in some way, it’s that dogs are different from us, and they will always give us another chance if we treat them with kindness and love.