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Fearful Abandoned Dog Who Experienced A Lifetime Of Neglect Transforms Into The Happiest Girl

Fearful Abandoned Dog Who Experienced A Lifetime Of Neglect Transforms Into The Happiest Girl

When the rescuers noticed a sick little puppy abandoned at a bus stop on a busy road, they rushed to help her.

They approached her, but the fur baby kept crying and refusing to accept their help. The rescuers were left in shock because they had never seen a puppy that was so terrified.

Because of her fear and her defensive behavior, her rescuers assumed that the little fur baby experienced hardships and neglect. They felt utterly saddened.

The Little Puppy Receives Much-Needed Care 

The puppy was in a terrible state. Her skin was itchy and scabby, and she had mange.

The good people didn’t give up on her. They kept talking to her and gave her some food. After they showed her kindness and love, the pup decided to trust them. 

She let one of the rescuers wrap her in a blanket and take her in her arms. 

Her rescuers brought her to the vet. The fur baby, later named Sally, was given immediate medical attention and the necessary treatments for mange.

Betty, one of her rescuers, took her to a shelter. The pup’s caregivers fed her and gave her a soothing bath. They gently applied anti-mange cream all over her little body.

Sally spent one night at the shelter. She trembled with fear and was afraid of her own shadow.

After seeing how scared she was, Betty took her home and decided to foster her. The little baby stayed close to her foster mom’s bed. She curled up on the side table. 

Since Sally was restless and scared at night, Betty couldn’t sleep. She felt that she needed to be with the little pup and comfort her.

Betty showered Sally with words of encouragement and love. She let her know that she was there for her. 

A Loving Forever Home

Gradually, the pup started trusting her foster mom, and the two of them formed a strong bond. 

Sally was supposed to return to the shelter, but her foster mom realized that she couldn’t part with her. She decided to keep her and completely change her life.

“…She was so attached to me, and I also got attached to her so much. I became her entire world, and I couldn’t leave her. I felt like I have to protect her, and I wanted to give her a second chance,“ Betty told We Love Animals.

Trusting other people was extremely difficult for the pup. 

The mere thought that Sally was mistreated or neglected by someone in her past made Betty feel frustrated.

As time went by, her mom’s love helped Sally conquer all her fears. The sweet puppy let her personality shine through. She became more friendly and trusting.

Sally recovered completely and blossomed into a confident and sweet dog. 

The adorable pooch and her mom adore each other. Sally gives her mom many sweet kisses and showers her with love.

To her mom, Sally is perfect, and she tells her every day how much she loves her.