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Father Who Loses His Battle To Cancer Gets Son A Puppy As One Last Gift

Father Who Loses His Battle To Cancer Gets Son A Puppy As One Last Gift

Coping with the demise of a family member is probably one of the hardest things in one’s life. Usually, it takes months, and sometimes even years to make peace with harsh reality.

Even in what can only be called the worst of times, Joe Kavaluskis, a Michigan man battling with terminal cancer, thought of his son, Logan. 

Prior to his departure, before Logan’s 13th birthday, this giant-hearted father arranged the greatest gift for his son – a Boston Terrier puppy, leaving the boy in shock!

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Logan wanted to have a dog for himself since he was three years old. Unfortunately, his father was allergic to canines, so they could never get one. Instead, this Michigan boy had a Boston Terrier toy that he carried around with him everywhere.

Joe battled myeloma cancer for years. Sadly, he lost his battle in January 2020, only days before his son’s birthday. But, before he passed away, he came up with a heartwarming plan that helped his son cope with his father being gone.

Together with his wife, Melanie, Joe arranged the perfect birthday present for Logan – a puppy! The breed is Boston Terrier – the exact same one as Logan’s childhood toy.

At the moment, Logan didn’t know the full story. When they got in the car, the family told this 13-year-old boy that they were going to get a puppy, but he had absolutely no idea that the dog was a gift from his late father.

Jon, his cousin, revealed the secret moments later, leaving Logan in shock! 

“Dad wanted you to have a puppy,” he said.

Logan was in utter disbelief. He broke into tears at the news, looking at the puppy he just got from his loving dad. Even though he was overwhelmed with emotions, Logan was so grateful to get just the most wonderful gift from his father.

This tear-jerking moment was caught on camera and it soon went viral, bringing tears to the eyes of millions all over the world.

“This was his plan. He had planned it out with me before he had passed away,” Melanie says. 

Indy And Logan – The Best Friends Ever

Even though the original idea was to comfort his son with the gift he wanted so much for so many years, the puppy, later named Indy, ended up being a comfort for the entire family!

“It actually brought comfort to our whole family, not just Logan,” says Melanie.

He helped Kavaluskis with handling their grief a lot. He was such a sweet boi who always found a way to cheer everyone up.

With his sassy personality and one-of-a-kind soul, Indy’s absolutely loved by everyone. 

Still, Logan and the pup have the most special relationship. The two formed a very close bond, and they just don’t know life without each other anymore

Without a doubt, Indy will always be a reminder to how much his dad loved him, and that’s the greatest gift one can ever get!