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Farmer Was Shocked To Find A Pup Who Was Abandoned In A Forest So He Came To His Aid

Farmer Was Shocked To Find A Pup Who Was Abandoned In A Forest So He Came To His Aid

Out of all the stories I have read on dog rescues, this is possibly the one that tears my heart into pieces every time I think about it.

It illustrates so well just how heartless people can be sometimes to dogs. We don’t deserve them. They are so much better than us.

But, even in the most dire situations, most of them will always give us a second chance, despite getting their heart broken over and over.

In this story, we will talk about a very unfortunate incident where an owner abandoned his puppy and left him in a forest, which severely scarred the dog.

A Very Tragic Beginning

puppy in a pan
Source: Animal Rescue

When Tokat was abandoned by his owner, it was a very tragic event. The man left him in a forest, which was far away from anything.

The poor puppy was confused, so he tried going back to his owner, but when he did that, the man kicked him in the head.

This seriously injured him, but he still couldn’t understand what was going on. He realized that the person he loved the most was leaving him, so he chased the car.

However, his efforts were not enough. Poor Tokat got exhausted and collapsed from the sheer pain. He was so depressed after this happened.

sweet pup
Source: Animal Rescue

It was just the most tragic event for him. I can’t even begin to imagine just how somebody would do this to a poor puppy who hadn’t done anything wrong.

Luckily, for Tokat, a farmer nearby saw the whole event and rushed to help him. The man called for help from a rescue organization, and they did their best to get there as soon as possible.

The rescuers arrived and took the dog back to a shelter where they could help him. When they examined him, it was apparent that his condition was serious. 

Tokat Was Very Lucky

puppy in a vet station
Source: Animal Rescue

He was in a lot of pain and would cry all the time. Tokat was then taken for emergency treatment, where they performed surgery on him for his breathing problems.

While it was very difficult, it was a successful surgery. Tokat was now on his way to a full recovery.

Every day was a challenge for him, but he continued fighting as he now realized that there were other people who cared for him immensely and would do everything to help.

The staff was there for him all the time, and they were giving him plenty of food and water so he could grow up to be a strong and big boy.

adorable pup
Source: Animal Rescue

They also groomed his fur because it was causing him some problems. After that was done, Tokat looked like a changed dog.

He was absolutely adored by everyone in the shelter, and he had even made some new friends during his stay there.

With enough time, he had made amazing progress, and it was now time for him to be placed on an adoption list so he could find somebody special.

It should come as no surprise that he managed to find a loving family and a forever home pretty fast, and he is now living his best life with the most amazing people he has ever met.