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19 Famous Dog Cartoon Characters From Your Childhood

19 Famous Dog Cartoon Characters From Your Childhood

If you spent your childhood watching any of these famous dog characters, then you know it was awesome.

From the classic cartoon canines like Goofy, to more unusual ones like Courage the Cowardly Dog – this list mentions them all.

Here are the top 19 most popular dogs from cartoons we used to love!

1. Scooby-Doo

Photo from: Pinterest

The iconic words “Scooby-Doo, where are you?” have helped this brown Great Dane to become one of the most popular cartoon dog characters. He’s clumsy, but we love Scooby to pieces.

2. Snoopy

Photo from: Pinterest

According to his creators, Snoopy is a white Beagle with black ears. Generations grew up watching this smart pup.

3. Clifford

clifford the big red dog
Photo from: Pinterest

Did you know that Clifford is actually a 10-foot-tall Giant Vizsla? I always thought he wasn’t inspired by a real breed. You know… being giant, red, and everything.

4. Tramp

Photo from: Pinterest

The most popular mixed breed dog from our childhood cartoons is Tramp. This adventurous pooch is most likely a Schnauzer-Terrier mix.

5. Goofy

Photo from: Pinterest

They may argue as much as they want about Goofy being either a dog or a cow. For me, he’ll always be a dog resembling a Bloodhound.

6. Pluto

Photo from: Pinterest

Another one of Mickey’s friends is Pluto. This super friendly pup is a mutt with a big heart.

7. Balto

Photo from: Pinterest

As you can see, Balto is a purebred Husky. This courageous dog is still the world’s most famous Husky. Yes, he’s even inspired by a real heroic Husky!

8. Brian

Photo from: Pinterest

Don’t tell Brian, but he’s actually a Labrador Retriever. But, we’ll let him think he’s more of a human, okay?

9. Courage

Photo from: Pinterest

Believe it or not, Courage the Cowardly Dog is a Beagle! You might not see that because of his pink coat, but Courage shares lots of Beagle traits.

10. Dug

Photo from: Pinterest

Golden Retrievers are always so sweet and friendly. But, none is as sweet as Dug, the beloved doggo from the heart-warming animated movie, Up! 

11. Bolt

Photo from: Pinterest

No… Bolt, the superhero dog, is not a Husky. He’s a white Swiss Shepherd, and one of the coolest animated dogs ever!

12. Santa’s Little Helper

santa’s little helper
Photo from: Pinterest

He’s skinny, always shaking, and afraid of everything. Yup, he’s the Italian Greyhound rescued by the Simpsons.

13. Odie

Photo from: Pinterest

The creators of Garfield were quite creative when it came to designing Odie. This yellow, wire-haired pup is a Doxie-Terrier mix with the sweetest personality. He even likes cats! 

14. Droopy

Photo from: Pinterest

Why the long face? Oh, wait… that’s just Droopy! The popular white Basset Hound with an orange hairstyle has been making us laugh since 1943.

15. Lady

Photo from: Pinterest

Of course, the list has to include the fanciest cartoon dog of them all – Lady! This loveable American Cocker Spaniel is an absolute beauty.

16. Perdita

Photo from: Pinterest

Name a more iconic duo than Perdita and Pongo! The mother of the Dalmatian’s tribe is such a beautiful dog.

17. Pongo

Photo from: Pinterest

If you have a Perdita, you must have a Pongo, too! In case you’re looking for two dog names that go together, these two Dalms should be your inspiration. 

18. Spike

Photo form: Pinterest

Tom was scared of him, but to Jerry, he was a friend. To the rest of us? Probably the coolest American Bully ever! 

19. Scooby-Dum

Photo from: Pinterest

The list started with a Great Dane, and now it finishes with one, too. Scooby-Doo’s cousin, Scooby-Dum, is another Great Dane that made us rofl.