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19 Famous Disney Dogs That Are Beyond Magical

19 Famous Disney Dogs That Are Beyond Magical

Disney’s magic has been waking our inner child since 1923. We’ve all watched the classics and Mickey’s stories growing up. Our kids are watching them, too, and chances are, their kids will, too!

Disney has a special place in everyone’s heart. While there are so many notable major characters, we can’t forget about loyal sidekicks, pets, and dogs. They make each movie a whole lot better, and I guarantee… sometimes we like them more than leading roles. 

From the oldest characters like Pluto, to the latest Disney canine stars like Dante, this list has all the notable pooches from Disney and Pixar studios!

1. Pluto

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Of course, the list simply must start with Pluto… Disney’s first canine character, and to this day, the most popular Disney dog. Mickey’s loyal sidekick has his own episodes, which made us all laugh uncontrollably. My favorite is the one with the seal. What’s yours?

2. Bruno

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Did you know that Cinderella is one of the few Disney princesses with pet dogs? Her canine BFF, among all the others, is Bruno… a sweet, old, brownish-red Bloodhound. I’d pick him over Lucifer any time, would you?

3. Copper

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Copper is one of the many Bloodhounds featured in Disney movies. Apparently, the breed was quite popular in the early Disney stages. This sweet pup has a foxy BFF named Todd. Their story from Disney’s The Fox and The Hound is one of the saddest ever produced.

4. Goofy

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You gotta admit: Goofy is as popular as Pluto. These two original Disney dog characters are favorites of many cartoon lovers, although some still dwell on whether Goofy is a cow or a dog. What do you think Goofy is?

5. Lady

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The one true lady among all these Disney dogs is Lady, the beautiful American Cocker Spaniel from The Lady and the Tramp. To this day, Lady has remained a beloved Disney character to many people.

6. Tramp

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Where there is Lady, there’s Tramp. Their love story is an inspiration, and one of the prettiest ever told by Disney.

7. Percy

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From bathing in his own tiny tub, to becoming a valuable part of Pocahontas’ tribe, Percy went through it all. The former antagonist turned out to be one of the sweetest Disney sidekicks, hand in hand with Meeko, the raccoon. 

8. Dug

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Disney has quite a few talking dogs, but Dug is a pioneer of modern technology. Even though his every other word is squirrel, Russel and Carl Fredericksen can still understand him.

9. Pongo

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Pongo, Perdita, and their Dalmatian puppies have become signature signs of the Dalmatian breed. You’ve definitely seen the movie 101 Dalmatians at least a dozen times growing up!

10. Perdita

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Perdita is another Disney lady dog, but she’s more of a motherly type. I mean, raising 101 puppies ain’t easy.

11. Dodger

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The street-smart dog from Disney’s Oliver And Company is a buddy we all wish to have. The reason he became friends with Oliver, the cat, is quite hilarious: he doesn’t eat cats because of their fur; hence, the possible friendship!

12. Jock

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Lady and the Tramp wouldn’t be the same without Jock… a small Scottish Terrier with a feisty temperament. He taught Lady lots of things, and stole our hearts while doing it. 

13. Max

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The fluffiest of all Disney dogs is definitely Max… the English Sheepdog owned by prince Eric. You know… Ariel’s love.

14. Nana

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Name a better nanny than Nana… the pawdorable Saint Bernard dog from the Darling family. Even though she didn’t go to Neverland with Peter Pan, Nana remained a beloved Disney character all these years.

15. Bolt

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One of the most unique Disney characters is Bolt… the White Swiss Shepherd. He’s one pawesome pup with pawesome superpowers.

16. Buster

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We can’t forget a Dachshund on this list, and it had to be Buster. The loyal buddy of Woody and all the other toys in Andy’s room is one of the memorable Toy Story characters.

17. Lucky

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Disney lovers didn’t forget about Dalmatians. Several decades later, after the original 101 Dalmatians animated movie was released, Disney came up with a new spot-on idea, 101 Dalmatians: The Series

18. Toby

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There’s a lot of hounds on this list, and one of them is Basil… the lovely Basset Hound owned by Sherlock Holmes, from The Great Mouse Detective. 

19. Dante

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Lastly, we have one of the newest Disney dog characters… Dante. He’s a Xoloitzcuintle owned by Miguel, and he is one loyal sidekick.