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Family Was Shocked To Learn Their Paralyzed Dog Could Walk Again

Family Was Shocked To Learn Their Paralyzed Dog Could Walk Again

No dog owner wants to see their beloved companion suffering. Yet, as they age, we’re faced with the inevitable and it is only a matter of time before our dearest furry friends start experiencing discomfort, or some health issues.

For the North Carolina couple, Christiana Lovelace and her husband, Monte, that moment came a couple of years ago. 

At the age of nine, their Silver Labrador, Bo, faced paralysis after being diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease. The family did everything in their power to ease Bo’s pain and be there for him, but their hope completely faded away… until, one day, a miracle happened!

The Moment Of Pure Happiness

Bo’s been suffering from this degenerative condition that often ranges from discomfort in the back area to paralysis. Sadly, as a result, this Lab wasn’t able to move at all

In the fall of 2022, he ruptured a disc in his back. Then, again, two in his neck, which made him completely paralyzed. 

After researching many options, among which, they tried rehabilitation and acupuncture, the family “stumbled upon” the perfect medicine! Thanks to steroid treatment, Bo started to feel a lot better until, eventually, he managed to make his first steps (again)!

@christiana.lovelace I can't believe we've finally made it this far… after 3 ruptured disc's, 2 surgeries (4&3 if you count mine) and I honestly thought we nightfall said goodbye to him by now- but he's still trucking! We've also ruined our furniture and at least 3 rugs. #dog #dogsoftiktok #dog #pets #petsoftiktok #petstory #ivdd #ivddrecovery ♬ Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

For the North Carolina family, seeing Bo move again was the moment of pure happiness

“I can’t believe we finally made it this far…after three ruptured discs, 2 surgeries and I honestly thought we nightfall said goodbye to him by now – but he’s still trucking,” Christina wrote in a TikTok post.

After all those sleepless nights and days, they just couldn’t believe that this nine-year-old boi would ever walk again. Yet, it happened – and both Bo and his owners couldn’t be happier!

Sometimes, He Forgets That He Can Do It

After only a few weeks in treatment, Bo was able to walk without any help. He’d usually spend his days lying in his bed, with his mom and dad’s cuddles being the high point of his day. And, now, he’s finally able to stand up on his paws – and initiate cuddles himself!

As a result of his years-long paralysis, Bo sometimes forgets that he can actually walk.

@christiana.lovelace Replying to @lindseycagley Bo is walking again – He looks like a drunk toddler but he's walking. 👏 👏 #ivdd #dogs #dogsoftiktok #pets #petsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Christiana | Team V Berlin2024

“My dog was paralyzed for so long that he still forgets he can walk. He’ll lay there and whine until I remind him he can walk,” Christina wrote.

He falls asleep on his bed, and when he wakes up – he refuses to move until his pawrents encourage him to do so.

But, even then, Monte and Christiana have the perfect solution!

His dad built a customized cart for Bo where he can sit, relax, and do his rehabilitation. And, when he doesn’t feel like walking at all – Monte makes sure to give his dog a nice ride in his cart, which Bo just loves so much!

Christiana’s been posting updates on Bo’s journey on her official TikTok account. Throughout his recovery, thousands of people have been rooting for this adorable Lab, and now he has a whole community supporting him.

Despite having officially entered his golden years, I’m absolutely positive that Bo has many good days ahead of him — and many adventures to embark upon!