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Family Surrendered Their Dog Back To The Shelter Because He Of His Size

Family Surrendered Their Dog Back To The Shelter Because He Of His Size

One of the biggest smiles that you can see on a shelter dog is the one at their very adoption day – and S’mores is definitely a true example of that! 

When this Anatolian Shepherd realized that he was finally going into a forever home with his new family, he just couldn’t hide his happiness! He melted the hearts of everyone in the facility with his smile and immediate affection toward his new hoomans.

However, within just an hour, this enthusiastic boi’s biggest dream was crushed – and the reason was bizarre!

A Brief Moment Of Happiness

sweet dog in a cage
Source: Heather Gee

S’mores, picked up from the streets as a stray dog, has been nothing but the sweetest lovebug since the moment he arrived at Stanislaus Animal Services Agency, in Modesto, California.

According to Nadia Borisova, one of the volunteers at SASA, his finder stated that he is a “very loving and good dog” when he brought him to the rescue, and S’mores lived up to his description until the very adoption day.

sweet dog on a leash
Source: Heather Gee

When a family finally came to pick up this one-year-old pup, S’mores immediately perked up as if he knew that he was going to a forever home. He just couldn’t take the smile off his face the entire time, and even though he had just met his adopters, he behaved like a long-time family dog.

Then, came a heartbreak!

Within just one hour, the family who originally adopted him returned S’mores to the shelter. They said that the dog was just too big, and left him with his caregivers.

Heather Gee, another volunteer at this Californian shelter, posted a heartbreaking video on TikTok, displaying S’mores’ adoption day.

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“S’mores got adopted today, BUT…was returned after about 1 hour due to “being too big”. S’mores was noted as being extremely friendly and loving by the people who originally brought him into the shelter as a stray. Too bad his great personality wasn’t enough,” Heather wrote in a Facebook post.

This loving Anatolian Shepherd weighs 79 pounds, which isn’t big in comparison to his breed’s average size. According to the American Kennel Club, an average male Anatolian Shepherd weighs between 110 and 150 pounds.

A New Chance

sweet dog on a leash with tongue out
Source: Heather Gee

Despite his initial confusion and heartbreak, S’mores didn’t wait long for the exciting news!

Only a few days after he was returned back to life in a kennel, he was safely transferred to a non-profit rescue known as @notyouraveragerescueinc, on Instagram

“S’mores will be going to his foster where he can decompress, get some training and most importantly, get the TLC he deserves,” Advocate Paws, an organization networking shelter animals in hopes that they find forever homes, wrote on Instagram.

Thanks to his giant-hearted rescuers, S’mores will finally get a big, spacious foster home and the opportunity to learn what life in a loving family looks like! When the time comes, there’s no doubt that this beautiful boi will find his happiness — forever!