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Family Shocked When They Realized Somebody Opened Their Christmas Presents Before Them  

Family Shocked When They Realized Somebody Opened Their Christmas Presents Before Them  

Unfortunately, not many dogs know what a warm and loving home feels like, as they spend their entire lives living on the cold streets.

And, even if some of them do manage to get adopted and brought into a happy home, they require a lot of patience and understanding, as they adapt to the new surroundings.

Some dogs may figure it out right away while others tend to do some pretty unusual things in order to truly grasp what is going on around them.

The dog of today’s story did exactly that.

Home, Sweet Home

Angus, a pup who spent his entire life on the street, was finally brought into a nice home by a loving family.

As he needed some time to adjust, his new family made sure to show him all the perks and benefits of living inside of a home. However, Angus also found out about all the typical things dogs do that parents disapprove of.

One such thing is occasionally destroying whatever he manages to find.

 “He doesn’t know how to play or fetch but loves to destroy stuffed animals or anything that squeaks. He has destroyed quite a few things since we’ve had him as he had separation anxiety … He has chewed part of our couch, a brand-new ottoman and two foam bed covers before he was comfortable being left at home,” Angus’ mom, Debbie O’Hara, told The Dodo.

Even though Angus managed to turn his destructive habits down to a minimum, he tends to lose his self-control every time around the holidays.

Christmas Came Early

“Last Christmas Eve, he opened all our gifts. He ate a large box of Purdy’s chocolates and a four-pack of Kit Kats. He has a stomach of steel [and] wasn’t the least bit sick from the chocolate. Some family got gifts with the boxes chewed, and we had to buy a new hoodie as he ripped one opening it,” she added.

The O’Hara family immediately took him to the doctor to make sure that he was okay after he ate all those things he wasn’t supposed to eat. And, learning from these mistakes, they made sure to keep the chocolate as far away from Angus as possible.  

Debbie also decided to start hiding the presents, thinking that they would be safe from this little doggo Grinch, but he still managed to find some of them.

“This time I forgot one bag of unwrapped gifts where he could get them while we went shopping. He ate the toffee [and] peanut butter cups and a couple of boxes have tears in them, but that’s traditional now. He has no quit at all,” she said.

Even with this frustrating and stress-inducing habit, the O’Hara family doesn’t have the heart to scold sweet Angus, as they know that he means no harm.

He is just a really happy pup who can’t hold in his excitement about finally being a part of an incredible family who cherishes him so, so much.

“We love him like he’s our child, and you can tell he feels the same,” Debbie concluded.

Oh, you can definitely tell that he does!