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This Family Shared A Story On Their Life With A Giant Caucasian Mountain Dog

This Family Shared A Story On Their Life With A Giant Caucasian Mountain Dog

There are so many different breeds of dogs in the world that it is sometimes hard to keep track of all of them.

Most people who adopt a dog have preferences when it comes to certain breeds. Some people like German Shepherds, others like small pups like Chihuahuas, and that’s all great.

However, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with an absolutely giant dog in your house? Well, I haven’t, but I am always eager to learn.

In this story, we will talk about a family who shared their story on what it’s like to live with a giant Caucasian Mountain Dog.

Yogi Bear Is Not An Ordinary Dog

the search for the boy and the Giant Caucasian Mountain Dog
Source: @yogibearsmom

When anyone sees Yogi Bear, they are almost convinced that he looks like a bear in some sort of way.

Well, he is more special than that. Yogi Bear belongs to a breed called the Caucasian Mountain Dog, and they are mostly known for being guards.

Sometimes, they are even trained to work with the police in high-security prisons. But, due to their nature, they are very rare in the United States.

However, for this family from Boston, Yogi Bear is their whole world, and he is one of the sweetest dogs they have ever seen.

two boys with a Giant Caucasian Mountain Dog
Source: @yogibearsmom

He was adopted from another country and he has been with his new family ever since. Yogi’s mom, Laura, is very fond of sharing many interesting things going on in his life with other people.

Just by looking at some of their videos, Yogi Bear looks and behaves just like any other dog, and is very sweet.

Yogi’s Very Protecting Nature

portrait of a mountain dog looking ahead
Source: @yogibearsmom

When Bored Panda asked Laura about Yogi, she was more than happy to answer their questions.

She said: He was adorable as a pup and came from a long line of beautiful champion dogs, so we knew he would grow up to be beautiful but not this beautiful! 

He was huge even as a puppy, he was 31 lbs at 10 weeks old, and at 3 1/2 months he was 50.5 lbs.

Even as he continued growing up, he just kept getting bigger and bigger. The family was continuously surprised by his development.

To help Yogi socialize with other dogs, the family joined a dog community in Boston where he could play with other dogs and learn how to behave properly.

mountain dog in the snow
Source: @yogibearsmom

As he grew up, other dogs would get intimidated by his size and try to start a fight out of fear, but Yogi had none of it and would simply deter their efforts.

Because he was trained well, he almost never caused any trouble, and was very patient around other dogs.

However, the family would soon move into a new neighborhood, and they were curious on how his life would be in his new home.

One thing they noticed was that he got a lot of attention. Laura said: When we’re on a walk with Yogi, everyone stops to ask questions and take pictures… from a distance, that is. 

People have also stopped their cars asking in a nervous way if we were walking a bear or a lion.

Yogi Is A Very Kind And Gentle Dog

portrait of a mountain dog looking at a man holding a child in his arms
Source: @yogibearsmom

His favorite activities have always been guarding their property, making sure that everyone is safe, and playing with his family.

He especially got along with all of the kids in the house, and is a big softie for children. His favorite is Laura’s newborn son, Lehan.

Laura said: When we brought him home, we took the introduction slowly and safely and Yogi immediately sniffed his toes & fell in love.

He knew what he had to do and that was to protect that baby with his life.

However, a horrible tragedy happened to the family and Lehan unexpectedly passed away. 

The family was just traumatized by this event and grieved for a long time. Despite his nature, Yogi adored Lehan and had a hard time dealing with his loss.

portrait of a mountain dog on its hind legs leaning against a window
Source: @yogibearsmom

He didn’t know what to do, but every time, he would check the baby’s crib to see if he would find Lehan there. It was just so heartbreaking.

Despite this, Yogi was there for everyone in the family and comforted them in their time of need. He showed everyone that he was a very kind dog who only wanted to protect his family.

When talking about his breed, Laura emphasized the importance of doing research before adopting a Caucasian Mountain Dog.

She stated that there can be a lot of challenges with owning one, but if you put in the effort, you will get the best furry companion anyone could possibly ask for.