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Family Abandons Their Dog At Shelter And The Reason Will Break Your Heart

Family Abandons Their Dog At Shelter And The Reason Will Break Your Heart

They say that something good will always come out of pain, and Sweet Pea here would definitely agree!

This pawdorable doggo girl from California has the most inspiring story to tell – and it definitely hasn’t been an easy one. When she was only months of age, she was viciously attacked by another dog and suffered severe injuries.

Then, more than a year later, another heartbreak came!

It Was A Difficult Road

Sweet Pea (formerly known as Nelly) was adopted into a family as a puppy. She was only three months of age when she got attacked by a stray dog during her potty time.

After the attack, her owner couldn’t afford her treatment, and Sweet Pea ended up at Fresno Bully Rescue, from Sanger, California. According to Bridgette Nicole Boothe, the director of FBR, she had severe wounds all over her body.

“Her owner had let her out to go potty when she heard a yelp and had found she had been attacked by a stray dog. She suffered a fractured arm and many bite wounds on her head and body,” Bridgette wrote in a fundraising post.

Then came one more heartbreak! After she was adopted into another home and spent a year there, Sweet Pea was returned to the shelter – again!

The couple who adopted her said that after they had a baby, she barked way too much, which is why they decided to give her up.

“That family had her for about a year and then returned her. They said because they had a baby and it was causing her to bark a lot and things like that, but we’ve never seen any evidence of that,” Brittany told GeoBeats Animals.

Love At First Sight

Sweet Pea spent another year and a half at the shelter – when something extraordinary happened! Brittany and Danny Kehrer arrived at FBR with their male dog, Larry, and they immediately locked eyes with this sweet girl!

Sweet Pea, being the most enthusiastic in the shelter, fell in love with the couple right off the bat. Only minutes into their interaction, Danny and Brittany made a choice – and welcomed Sweet Pea into their loving home!

They drove back home as a family of four, and even though Larry wasn’t very fond of his new sister at first, the two adapted to each other in no time.

It didn’t take long for this rescue girl to acclimate to her new environment. Within days, it felt as if she had been with the family her whole life.

The Family’s Princess

Sweet Pea soon became the entertainer of the house. Even though she had a hard time playing with other dogs who rejected her for some reason, she never lost her sparkle.

“Dogs either ignore her or bully her. Once in a while a special dog will meet her and they will play for hours,” her owners wrote under the video.

She had so much enthusiasm and exhibited unbelievable affection to everyone. She absolutely loved other dogs, hoomans, and especially kids.

Her absolute favorite game is getting as close as possible to the person she loves. Whenever she sees her mom or dad lying on the couch, she does her best to sneak in their lap. And, if she doesn’t get enough attention, she will then put her little paw upon them.

Sweet Pea may not be the most fashionable dog, but she’s definitely special. With her cropped ears and a little facial deformity, she, without a doubt, still steals hearts and makes lots of friends.

Sweet Pea got another doggo sibling, Petunia, only five months after she was adopted – and she couldn’t be happier!

Together with her mom, dad, her hooman baby, and two of her canine friends, Sweet Pea is living the best life possible. After all the hardship she went through in the past, she absolutely deserves a life filled with love and adventures that she lives.

You can keep up with Brittany and Danny’s furry buddies on their official Instagram.