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Family Heard Strange Noise Coming From Car Engine Soon Realized That They Were Little Cries

Family Heard Strange Noise Coming From Car Engine Soon Realized That They Were Little Cries

As Mary Wolford’s family went for a long drive, taking the route they usually do, they did not think much of it. It was just a regular trip… well, until they got to their destination.

When they turned off their engine, the family heard some mysterious crying coming from inside the car. They ran out and immediately opened the hood, revealing an adorable and fluffy face staring at them.

Interesting Rescue

Hidden between the engine was a little kitten who rode with them under the hood of the car for their entire trip. The family couldn’t believe it.

“Everyone was shocked that he was alive. He rode probably 20 or 30 miles in there,” Marry Wolford told The Dodo.

Since the family could only see the kitten’s head, they weren’t sure if he was injured or not. However, what they were sure about was they had to get him out of there immediately.

The kitten, now named Raccoon, kept on crying as the family tried to get him out to safety.

Luckily, they were able to grab him and pull him out of the car, but they soon felt devastated, as the kitten jumped out of their arms and made a run for it.

“When we got to him under the first car, he ran off and went into another! Thankfully, that time he was somewhat easy to reach from under the hood as opposed to under the car/engine,” said Mary.

The family conducted yet another rescue mission, grabbing him from underneath the second car. This time, they held onto Raccoon even tighter, and he knew then and there that he was one of them now.

New Life

As they brought Raccoon to his new home, he was a bit hesitant at first, not knowing what was going on

“He was scared, hissing and trying to hide in the corner of the carrier when we got him. He was pretty wary of everything for the first several days. We think he was a stray, so while not fully feral, he was pretty apprehensive,” Marry said.

Even though Raccoon kept on being very defensive, Mary and her family did not give up on him that easily.

Soon, Raccoon realized that he was safe, and he lowered his guard. In no time, this little kitten completely opened up to his new family and the Wolford’s couldn’t be happier.

“He is doing great. It took some time for everyone to get acquainted, but overall, he’s getting along with everyone,” Wolford said.

Even the family dogs accepted Raccoon and they love having him around. Unfortunately, the feeling isn’t mutual.

The only hurdle now is the dogs … he has yet to give them a chance. It’s kind of funny to see him fluff up and hiss at my Great Dane, who just wonders what his problem is.

Final Word

I am sure that with time, Raccoon will accept the pups as well as he did the family and they will live happily ever after.

Let this story be a reminder for you to check under the hood before going somewhere, especially when it is cold outside, as many smaller animals seek shelter and warmth there, not knowing the danger they are putting themselves in!