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The Sweet Family Dog Is In Love With His Baby Sister From The First Day She Was Born

The Sweet Family Dog Is In Love With His Baby Sister From The First Day She Was Born

Dogs are beings that carry sincere love in their hearts. The same can be said for babies and young children whose feelings are not yet spoiled by the outside world. 

Considering that, it is not a surprise that the hearts of many people melt when they witness stories about babies and their furry companions. They are always filled with nothing but pure love and cuteness in every sense. 

This is just a story you will read today, and it is about one fluffy dog named Reus who fell in love with his baby sister, Lisa, the very first day she was born. From that moment on, he did not let her out of his sight, and today, neither of them can imagine life without each other. 

Only Baby In The Room

family dog lying in baby bed
Source: Cuddle Buddies

Long before baby Lisa came into this world, Anastasia and her family were thinking about adopting a dog. They wanted him so desperately, but they knew it was a really big decision. 

However, when their friends gifted them a beautiful white puppy, they just couldn’t say “no”. They immediately fell in love with him and decided to call him Reus. From puppyhood to his older days, every moment with Reus was pure happiness for these people.

dog looking at the camera
Source: Cuddle Buddies

“I’d never met a dog so smart and friendly,” Anastasia told Cuddle Buddies. “He never acted out or made a mess, well unless there was mud, but in classic puppy-fashion, he was the center of attention.” 

Reus was the only baby in the room, and he enjoyed that status very much. Anastasia said that he didn’t like cuddles or lots of pets like other dogs, but “he was always happy to play and run.” 

“Reus was so special, a perfect family dog,” Anastasia said, adding: “But little did he know, things were about to change.” 

close-up photo of the family dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

Soon, Reus will no longer be the center of attention, but it won’t affect him that much. In fact, it will bring him even greater joy.

His Happiest Day

After Anastasia became pregnant with Lisa, Reus was no longer separated from her. He constantly lay in her lap and kept his head on her stomach. It was as if he had felt that great happiness was on its way. 

dog leaning on pregnant woman's belly
Source: Cuddle Buddies

“At the time I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew we had to plan for him to meet the baby,” Anastasia said. 

When that day finally came, and Lisa was born, Anastasia decided to put her in a crib and let Reus come to her. To her delight, that’s exactly what happened. Reus was very confused in the beginning, but after some time, everything fell into place. 

baby looking at the dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

“He was very confused at first, he had never seen a baby before,” Anastasia said. “But somewhere in those minutes, he decided he would always protect this tiny thing.”

From that moment, their love story began. Reus never let his sister out of his sight and was by her side at all moments – both when she cried and when she laughed. The day she started crawling was the happiest of his life.

In the meantime, some difficult times came for their country, and Reus had more obligations because he had to go with his mother to support the children and the elderly. However, at the end of the day, he would always return to his favorite girl, just like a guardian angel.

little girl hugging the dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

“Even though things are still uncertain, I know Reus protects my family,” Anastasia said. “But most of all, he protects his best friend.”

It is a fairy tale that continues to this day.