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Family Adopts Two Chihuahua Sisters, Then Realizes They Are Not Chihuahuas At All

Family Adopts Two Chihuahua Sisters, Then Realizes They Are Not Chihuahuas At All

Life sure is full of incredible surprises.

Sometimes, what might look like a mistake at first can turn out to be one of the best possible things that happened in our lives.

Proof of this can be found in today’s story when a family adopted pups that turned out to be a totally different breed than the one they were initially told.

New Family Members

puppy in orange clothes
Source: Newsweek

When a family lost four out of five dogs they owned in the span of three years, they were saddened to see their last dog remaining all alone.

They decided that the best thing to do would be to adopt another pup for it to play with.

Finding out that their local shelter had three Chihuahua sisters listed for adoption, the family saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Arriving at the shelter, they found out that one of the sisters had already been adopted, and not wanting to separate the two others, they decided to adopt both of them.

“We met the remaining two and knew right away they were not Chihuahuas…Their adoption papers say Chihuahua which is still a great source of amusement for us all,” the owner told Newsweek.

After some time, and as the pups grew, the family noticed that they were getting bigger than they were supposed to.

When adopted, the sisters weighed in at four and five pounds, but they grew up to be a whopping 55 and 59 pounds!

Shocking Discovery

After deciding to do a DNA test, the family was shocked to find out that the Chihuahuas were actually Dutch Shepherd and Staffordshire mixes.

adopted puppy
Source: Newsweek

“We did DNA so we could be armed with as much info as possible to give the girls the best life possible. Getting only two breeds was a bit of a surprise and incredibly helpful to understanding their needs,” the owner said.

Finding out the exact breed of the sisters allowed the family to gather all the information necessary in order to provide them with a healthy life.

And, since they never had any experience with owning Staffordshire dogs, they had a lot to learn.

However, after spending time with them for over a year, the family noticed that the pups had a very similar lifestyle to Dutch Shepherds, as they were very lively, alert, intelligent, and athletic.

They were also very adorable and huge cuddlers – just like Staffordshires.

But, in the end, it really didn’t matter what breed they were.

All that mattered was that the pups were living a happy and healthy life and were spending time with hoomans and furry friends who adored them no matter what!

This little mistake still provided this family with two incredible pups who not only made them happy, but their doggo happy as well.