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Man Spots An Adorable Face Peeking Through The Drain Pipe And Realizes He Found His Soul Dog

Man Spots An Adorable Face Peeking Through The Drain Pipe And Realizes He Found His Soul Dog

While looking for a shelter to hide from the harsh life of the street, a little brown pup decided it would be best if she hid in a drain pipe by the side of a road.

The little pup, who would later be called Charlie, hoped that while she was in this uncomfortable shelter, somebody would notice her and save her.

Unfortunately, since most of the cars were going too fast, nobody was able to notice her small body.

When Charlie realized this, a sense of sadness washed over her. However, what she didn’t know was that her luck was about to change.

Rescue Mission

dog peeking through drain pipe
Source: @aubreyvlynn

While Aubrey V Lynn said goodbye to her partner who was going to the gym while she was working from home, she could have never guessed that her work would be interrupted by the sweetest guy that day.

“I was at home working, and my partner was headed to the gym, leaving our neighborhood, when he saw her. He kept driving past and knew he couldn’t just leave her, so [he] turned around and sent me a message,” said Aubrey V Lynn.

Unable to let this cute pup spend another night on the street, Aubrey knew that they had to do something.

However, getting this doggo to safety wasn’t as easy as one would think. Since the drain pipe was next to a very busy road, Aubrey and her partner were afraid that if they were too aggressive with Charlie, he would run into traffic.

dog in a drain pipe
Source: @aubreyvlynn

We both felt really anxious because sometimes she would come out of the hole. But she wouldn’t let us get close enough to catch her.

The pair then thought of a brilliant idea. They headed down to their local pet store where they bought some yummy dog food, hoping that would let them lure little Charlie out of the drain.

They set up the delicious trap and waited. Unfortunately, even after 24 hours, the scared puppy still wasn’t ready to come out.

man sitting next to a dog peeking from drain pipe
Source: @aubreyvlynn

We sat there for hours trying to grab her. She wouldn’t come out, so we went to leave, getting back on our scooter, and she ran right up to us.

Aubrey quickly picked up the pup, not wanting her to run away again. And, as she did, it was as if Charlie immediately felt the love Aubrey had for him, allowing him to finally relax.

She calmed immediately and didn’t try to get away.

New Life

photo of a dog on top of stairs
Source: @aubreyvlynn

Aubrey and her partner headed home, taking the adorable pup with them.

Even though they didn’t really want a dog, spending some time with Charlie quickly changed their mind, and soon, they couldn’t really imagine life without her in it.

We never talked about it while trying to rescue her, because our focus was just getting her to safety, but I think both of us knew in that moment that she was a part of our family now.

woman holding rescued dog
Source: @aubreyvlynn

The fact that Charlie didn’t spend time in the comfort and safety of a loving home didn’t really mean much to her as she adjusted to her new environment in no time.

[Charlie] adapted really well. We let her sleep and eat in safety for a while and then the first time we went to sit with her, she was timid but warmed up so quickly. You could tell she just wanted to be loved — it was really sweet.

Now, as they watch Charlie run around and play in their backyard, Aubrey and her partner can’t help but think how much of an incredible addition to their family this sweet puppy is.

Good girl, Charlie!