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The Entire Community Spends Weeks Trying To Rescue A Skittish Pregnant Pittie And It Pays Off

The Entire Community Spends Weeks Trying To Rescue A Skittish Pregnant Pittie And It Pays Off

In the midst of the bustling city of Detroit, where the sheer number of stray animals already poses a challenge to rescue endeavors, one remarkable dog still managed to defy all attempts at rescue. 

This is the story of Amina, the highly fearful and intelligent sweet potato, and the extraordinary teamwork that ultimately led to her rescue. 

For over 30 days, this skittish and pregnant Pittie mix kept everyone at a distance until a dedicated individual decided she deserved a chance, despite all challenges. 

Mission To Rescue 

pregnant pitbull standing on grass
Source: The Dodo

Amina was an extremely terrified loose dog who wouldn’t let any human get within 20 ft of her. It was evident that she kept running from something, but no one knew what it was. 

Seeing this stray in Detroit, Christina Mariani felt instantly compelled to do something to help her.

Despite being posted on every lost dog site for weeks, she remained unidentified and unclaimed. Apparently, no one had seen her before, but she still kept a tight route within a few blocks around the neighborhood. 

pitbull sitting outdoors
Source: The Dodo

“She would run and hide in the alley for days anytime a rescue attempt got too close. She was too smart to be caught in a fenced-in yard, or found near any spot where she could be easily cornered,” Christina wrote in an Instagram post

Ultimately, a rescue operation to save this homeless Pitbull living on the streets and get her to safety unified a large group of strangers across multiple neighborhoods. 

A team of dedicated people ended up working around the clock, tracking her route, feeding her, consulting with local experts, and trying all standard dog catching strategies and equipment. 

photo of pitbull in front yard
Source: The Dodo

But, Amina was too smart for her own good. 

She would quickly memorize vehicles and faces tracking her in each attempt at capture, and so she became paranoid, fleeing at even greater speeds and distances. 

“I became the only exception, and that was after lying stationary in her favorite field with chicken for 6-hour days. Even then, if the wind blew, or if I moved my hand an inch, she would be gone in the blink of an eye off to hide in the alleys for days,” Christina said

pitbull sleeping on grass
Source: The Dodo

Over time, they discovered that Amina had given birth to her puppies and was hiding them in the bushes.

It was about time to save both her and her puppies.

The Beginning Of Incredible Story 

Thankfully, following weeks of setbacks, the incredible Saving Destiny Animal Rescue decided to join forces with Christina and the neighborhood, which then led to ultimate victory. 

With the right team and the best equipment, the mama dog and her babies were finally captured and brought to safety. 

“Mom and the chicken nuggets are off to safety. They will be kept together until they’re weaned, and then Amina will eventually come home with me,” Christina told The Dodo. 

A couple of weeks later, the puppies were completely weaned off and old enough to go to their forever home. Thankfully, the rescue was able to find them amazing forever homes. 

Amina was off to live with Christina. 

Despite being in a secure environment, Amina remained quite frightened. She refused to relax or even leave the breakfast nook, even after a couple of weeks. 

Nevertheless, Christina refused to give up. She believed that with time and patience, Amina would come to realize the love she offered and understand that there was nothing to fear.

That was just the beginning of their incredible relationship. 

woman and pittie in a car
Source: The Dodo

Slowly, but surely, Amina started to make some progress. She began to wag her tail and finally explore more of the house. 

“So she has officially transitioned from a sweet potato into a couch potato, which was my plan from the moment I spotted her on the streets. The sweet potato will be mine forever,” Christina said. 

Amina’s journey from a skittish pregnant Pittie hiding in the shadows to a dog rediscovering joy and security stands as a testament to the transformative power of community, empathy, and the unyielding commitment to saving lives.