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Dogs with turbulent past and a lovely present – meet English Bulldogs. From breed characteristics and personality to health problems and care, PupVine brings you everything you need to know about this iconic British breed.

an English bulldog sitting in the grass

The Lilac English Bulldog: What Are They And How Do You Get One?

The Lilac English Bulldog is a dog you’ll not regret buying. This is the ultimate guide on this dog breed and how to get your paws on one of them.

the adorable English Bulldog puppy stands

Blue English Bulldog: A Guide To Care, Exercise, And Diet

A complete guide with essential tips for looking after your bulldog, including notes on the history of the breed.

molted english bulldog lying down on the bricked walkway

Merle English Bulldog: Paying A High Price For Good Looks

Merle English Bulldogs are beautiful dogs. But, at what cost? These dogs are prone to many problems, and here they are explained.

english bulldog walking in the wood

English Bulldog Colors: Cute Bulldog Colors Explained

What are standard English Bulldog colors? Why are some colors approved while others are frowned upon? Here's what you need to know!

English Bulldog sitting on the grass

English Bulldog Price – The Cost of Owning These Little Bullies

Why is the English Bulldog price so high? Let's learn all about the costs of owning these adorable little pooches!

English Bulldog sets on the grass

English Bulldog Growth Chart — When Will My Pup Stop Growing?

Do you want to learn more about growth? We have answered all of your questions, and created an English Bulldog growth chart for you!

English Bulldog sitting in an autumn park

44 Perfect English Bulldog Mixes That You Will Simply Adore

If you are looking for the perfect Bulldog mix, check out PupVine’s list of 44 English Bulldog mixes that will steal your heart.

Mini English Bulldog sitting in the car

All About Mini English Bulldog: Can You Handle The Cuteness?

Mini English Bulldog who? Find out everything you always wanted to know about this miniature version of the beloved British standard.

english bulldog eating from a bowl

English Bulldog Feeding Chart: How Much Food Is Enough?

In this article, find out how much food your English Bulldog puppy requires on a daily basis.

english bulldog resting

Best Food For English Bulldog: 9 Healthiest Picks And More

Ever wondered what type of food will best suit your English bully? Find out everything you need to know!

bulldog sleeping

Best Bulldog Beds For Optimal Sleep And Healthy Development

Are you unsure which dog bed will best suit your pooch? This article explains everything you need to know!

english bulldog in a park

Male Vs. Female English Bulldog: What Are The Differences?

If you had to pick one, which one would it be? Read this article to learn about all the differences.

English Bulldog with Harness

10 Best Harness For English Bulldog: Controlling Dog Pulling

Find the best harness for English Bulldog on our list: the one that will control the dog's pulling, but will also be comfortable for your dog.

cute bulldog with cropped ears

Bulldog Ear Cropping – 5 Reasons To Stop It Right Now

You should stop Bulldog ear cropping right away! Here are 5 reasons why you should not do it, and only one time when it’s approved.

english bulldog licks the air in the garden

Why Do Bulldogs Lick The Air? It’s One Of These 9 Reasons

Why do Bulldogs lick the air? Here are some of the most common reasons why your beloved pet might display this type of behavior.