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Shelter Employee Hid An Abused Dog Under Her Desk In Order To Save Her From Euthanasia

Shelter Employee Hid An Abused Dog Under Her Desk In Order To Save Her From Euthanasia

Trisha is an American Staffordshire Terrier who didn’t have a good life growing up.

This sweet pup was chained up and used for over-breeding in a very toxic environment surrounded by hoomans who completely neglected and abused her.

The only thing Trisha was able to do was dream of a better life and a family who loved her unconditionally.

But, little did she know that all of her dreams were soon going to come true.

A Very Sad Life

dog on a leash lying
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Trisha ended up being abandoned on the streets when her owners decided she was no longer useful to them.

Luckily, she was rescued and taken to a county shelter in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, the Houston shelter didn’t provide her with happy news.

The shelter was completely full and could no longer take in any more animals, which is why they, with a heavy heart, had to euthanize many sweet creatures in their care.  

Trisha was on that list as well.

However, one of the staff members simply couldn’t allow this sweet pup to suffer such a fate. So, moments before she was about to be euthanized, the staff member made a life-changing call.

“A shelter employee called me, pleading to rescue Trisha, as she was literally hiding her under her desk to keep them out of the euthanasia room,” Stacy Thomas, Executive Director of Greenwalds Services, told Rocky Kanaka. 

shelter dog lying with a blue pillow
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Thomas immediately made his way down to the shelter and, as soon as he met Trisha, his heart broke.

“The first time I saw Trisha, her condition was heartbreaking. She was covered in scars, had dragging, exhausted-looking nipples, and her genital area was swollen to the size of a football from infection – likely the result of years of forced breeding and exploitation,” Thomas said. 

Giving her a quick checkup, Thomas determined that this girl gave birth to at least eight puppies back to back.

dog lying on the ground
Source: Rocky Kanaka

He also noticed that she had scars from a muzzle as well as a couple of broken teeth below her gum line, which suggested that she was chewing on her chain in order to free herself.

However, Trisha’s life was about to turn around completely.

New Life

As soon as she arrived at the Greenawalds Service Rescue, the health of this adorable pup started to progress.

The shelter’s medical team immediately tended to her wounds as well as the severe infection that took over her body.

Even though she was severely exhausted, Trisha’s spirit was still strong. Despite all she went through, she never lost hope or trust in fellow hoomans.

photo of shelter dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

After regaining her health, Trisha was ready to become a house dog and was taken in by a loving foster family in Austin.

“When I was transporting her, she had her chin resting on my shoulder almost the entire ride, seeking comfort and connection,” Thomas stated.

Becoming a part of an incredible family, this brave pup finally started to live life.

She loves hanging out with other pups at the dog park, going out for long walks, and even having a cozy nap on the couch.

Her foster mom is overjoyed to see just how much this pup has changed.

dog lying on grass
Source: Rocky Kanaka

However, Trisha’s healing journey is not over yet.

As she cannot be a foster dog forever, it is important for her to find a forever home as soon as possible – but this is proving to be quite difficult.

two dogs lying in the yard
Source: Rocky Kanaka

“She’s been through so much, but her ability to love and trust after such trauma is amazing. Trisha deserves a safe, caring home to call her own forever after the nightmare she survived,” added Thomas.

little girl and dog in the yard
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Her rescue is doing everything they can in order to find her a forever home that will provide her with everything she needs.

They believe that with her incredibly loving nature and sweet face, Trisha will be able to find a home in no time.

Trisha, you are an incredible pup, and I wish you all the luck in the world.

You got it, girl!