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Elderly Couple Is Shocked To Find A Paralyzed Dog Abandoned In The Middle Of The Woods

Elderly Couple Is Shocked To Find A Paralyzed Dog Abandoned In The Middle Of The Woods

I’ve seen a lot of cruelty being shown to animals, but it always breaks my heart to see people abandon animals who can’t survive on their own.

Special needs cases, or paralyzed dogs who will certainly not make it on their own, end up in horrible situations because of neglectful owners, and it’s just horrible.

For Navidad, things were not so different. She was paralyzed and abandoned by her owners in the woods to starve.

Luckily for her, an elderly couple noticed her cries and came to help her. When they took her to their house, they immediately called for help.

They Rescued Her Just In Time

dog with injured legs
Source: Youtube

When Mafe received information about Navidad, she rushed to the small town the dog was in. It took a while to get there, but she was able to find it.

She met Navidad for the first time and was shocked by what condition she was found in. The poor pup wasn’t even scared of anything anymore.

She seemed to understand that these people wanted what was best for her. Mafe took her back to the rescue to see a vet.

That’s when things changed. Mafe told The Dodo: “When we got to the rescue, she was so confused and scared.

woman holds a paralyzed dog
Source: Youtube

They didn’t understand why her attitude suddenly changed, but they did everything in their power to help Navidad.

The very next day, the situation reversed again. The pup was so happy to see her rescuer and spent a long time hugging her.

Because she was paralyzed, it was clear that she was not going to be able to move much anymore, but Mafe noticed that she still loved moving around any way she could.

She regained a lot of energy, and it was clearly visible. Naturally, the rescuers had her undergo extensive therapy to help her regain strength. Navidad was so happy to do it as long as she was with her favorite people. 

Navidad Is Just So Adorable

poor dog without legs
Source: Youtube

After they realized that she was doing well, they gave her a wheelchair. Mafe said: “She had some difficulty getting used to it. But then she seemed so happy every time she went for a walk.

She developed an amazing relationship with her rescuer and was always happy to go on walks with her. This was pretty important for her as she was getting better at using the wheelchair.

Another big milestone was that Navidad’s skin had cleared up well, and she had also regained a lot of weight, which was great.

When Mafe realized just how well she was doing, it was time to take her to an animal sanctuary, where she could enjoy herself until they found her a new family.

a paralyzed dog
Source: Youtube

Right now, she is living her best life in the care of her rescuers, and it’s really amazing to see her transform in such a short time.

In the end, Mafe said: “I would love to adopt Navidad, but I spend every day of my life trying to rescue other dogs just like her, so I know she deserves a family that can give her all the time she deserves.

While we don’t know what’s in store next for Navidad, I have no doubt that she is doing well in the sanctuary and will surely find someone special to adopt her.