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Adorable Dog, Eclipse, Rides The Bus To A Dog Park Every Day 

Adorable Dog, Eclipse, Rides The Bus To A Dog Park Every Day 

Hello, Internet, do you know about Eclipse?

Those of you who come from Seattle surely recognize this adorable black Mastador. Why? Well, because Eclipse made the city’s history as one of the celebri-dogs. AND, she was unique for many things, 

Eclipse was a special dog with special pet peeves like cats, ca people, and staring at her during #2. Still, her favorite things were hugs, the color red, and riding the bus to the doggy park. Yes, you heard that right! 

Eclipse was a dog that took the bus all by herself and went to see her buddies at the park. Quite an independent pooch, wasn’t she?

But, how did the whole story start? 

Every day, before Eclipse’s emancipation, she used to ride the D-line five stops down with her owner to visit the park. But, Eclipse got tired of waiting for her hooman to finish his morning cigarette. So, what she did was hop on the bus alone the next time it stopped for her. 

One fun ride turned into a tradition. 

a black dog sits on the seat
Source: YouTube screenshot

Still, don’t think that this made her hooman a bad dog owner. People on the bus got to know Eclipse, and all of them were taking care of the dog while she rode. In fact, they were looking forward to seeing her on the bus every day. 

a man and a dog enjoy a bus ride
Source: YouTube screenshot

As Eclipse casually wobbled down the aisle to find an empty seat, it was not a rare occasion for her to sit next to a stranger. You could hear when her charm turned on, and the next thing you know, a new friend was made. 

the dog sits next to the man while riding the bus
Source: YouTube screenshot

She even has devoted fans who call themselves Ecliptomaniacs. As far as they’re concerned, Eclipse is the coolest thing coming from Seattle. As far as we’re concerned, we agree completely. 

Eclipse’s popularity rose so much that the King County Department of Transportation made a music video featuring the bus star. The video features Eclipse enjoying her day off in Seattle, making everyone that encounters her a little bit happier. 

Sadly, Eclipse rode her last bus ride in 2022. The wonderful pooch passed away in her sleep due to old age and cancerous tumors. 

We hope there are buses in doggy heaven so Eclipse can ride along.