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Senior Blind Pit Bull, Enduring A Lifetime Of Neglect And Suffering, Finally Receives Help

Senior Blind Pit Bull, Enduring A Lifetime Of Neglect And Suffering, Finally Receives Help

Duncan’s story actually begins at 12 years old when he was finally rescued by a wonderful rescue organization called Hope For Paws, based in California. 

No one knows much about his life prior to the rescue, but it surely wasn’t pretty. This poor dog was in such bad condition that even the rescuers were horrified. 

That fateful day, Duncan somehow wandered into an auto junkyard, or perhaps he was abandoned there, hoping someone would finally help him. 

An observant employee offered food and water, and urgently reached out to Hope For Paws to save him before animal control was called. 

Waiting A Lifetime For The Rescue

blind senior pit bull
Source: Hope For Paws

When the rescue team arrived, they were genuinely horrified by his condition, questioning how he had managed to endure such hardships. He was confused, disoriented, evidently blind, and in so much pain. 

The presence of a rope tightly bound around his neck hinted that there was once someone responsible for him, but sadly, that person utterly let him down.

“Sweet boy, I’m sorry whoever did this to you. I’m so sorry,” echoed the words of the compassionate Hope For Paws rescuers as they hurriedly transported him to receive urgent medical care.

Aside from being blind and completely covered in motor oil, the vet revealed that Duncan was suffering from dehydration, periodontal disease, skin infection, corneal ulcers, and two mass cell tumors. 

Although the vets suggested euthanasia, Lisa Arturo, one of the rescuers, insisted on giving this dog one last chance to experience love and happiness in his life.

After they gave him a thorough bath, Duncan turned out to be a beautiful color, transforming into a completely different and stunning dog.

You can watch here the entire rescue mission filmed by Hope For Paws. 

He was then transported to Frosted Faces Foundation, in Ramona, California, which specializes in taking care of senior dogs whose lives are in jeopardy. 

Finally, Some Happy Days 

Duncan went to a wonderful foster family with Andy & Kelly Smíšek, who are also the founders of Frosted Faces Foundation. 

“Now that I have met him, I cannot believe that he has had no one to tuck him in at night. We do think he can see a tiny bit because he knows not to step on his friends when he is wandering, or else is nose is excellent. We are going to manage his tumors palliatively and have started some supplements to balance his days. This is what we do, let seniors be seniors, and Duncan has lots of good meals and naps ahead of him. Oh, and bones! He loves bones,” the foundation wrote in their Facebook post

For almost a year, he was their lobby ambassador, greeting anyone who walked through the doors and accepting their love. 

Duncan loved his life at the foster home, spending time with his new friends, cuddling with his new people, and hanging out in laundry baskets. 

After spending the majority of his life not knowing what love was, Duncan was finally granted a peaceful and happy home, even if only for a short while. 

Unfortunately, his fosters quickly noticed that Duncan had developed dementia. Much like in humans, dementia is a challenging condition, making it difficult to ensure a dog’s happiness and peace.

“Duncan knew his way around, loved being held, and loved snuggling with other dogs. It was very clear that he was happy, and happy most of the day, most days. This is not usually the case with dementia dogs. Being able to see his transition was beautiful and rewarding,” Duncan’s foster mom said. 

Three weeks before his rescue anniversary, Duncan experienced a seizure, from which he never truly regained consciousness. On top of that, his kidneys were failing. 

On October 7, 2018, Duncan crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

“We didn’t have a choice, so at the very least I get the satisfaction of knowing we gave him every last good day. Duncan, our sweet boy. Mommy and Daddy love you, and we will miss you always,” Duncan’s foster parents wrote in their goodbye post