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Driver Was Shocked To See A “White Trash Bag” In The Middle Of The Road So She Stopped

Driver Was Shocked To See A “White Trash Bag” In The Middle Of The Road So She Stopped

For many days, this tiny puppy wondered why someone would heartlessly dump her in a ditch. 

She was scared, hungry, and in pain… waiting and slowly losing all hope. 

“Why did you get me if you weren’t going to love me? Why am I hungry? Why am I in a ditch? Why is everything hurting… Why?”  

There were so many unanswered questions, that sadly, she’ll never get an answer to, but that doesn’t matter anymore. 

She decided to trust a human voice one last time and she was thankfully rewarded with love – the one that will never turn their back on her. 

Help Me, Please 

tiny puppy in a ditch
Source: @maggierlar

The founder of the North Carolina-based rescue, “Ruby and Laurel Animal Rescue, Inc.,” was walking down the road one afternoon when she suddenly spotted a tiny white head popping out of the ditch. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes. 

As she crouched down to get closer to her level, the terrible smell of her mangey skin hit her. 

The poor puppy needed help so badly, and it was somewhat of a miracle that it was she, the founder of an animal shelter, who came across her.

“This baby has seen the worst of humans, but still belly crawled out of the ditch and into my arms. She goes in first thing tomorrow for medical treatment and vaccines,” Margaret Hamilton, Founder and Executive Director, wrote on TikTok.  

The puppy was in so much pain, having suffered a lot in her short life, but she still found the strength to crawl out of the ditch and into the arms of the kind person. 

She immediately melted in Margaret’s arms, offering so much love despite everything. 

She brought the little puppy home for the night, where she trimmed her overgrown nails and gave her a medicated bath. 

The poor pup was sunburned on top of her demodectic mange, and her skin was very red and painful. 

The Road To Recovery 

rescued puppy in a car
Source: @maggierlar

The next morning, Maggie brought the puppy to the veterinary clinic in North Carolina for an exam. The vet confirmed she was heartworm-negative and approximately three years old, but needed medication to treat her ringworm and her mange. 

She was so tiny that everyone was shocked she was almost three years old because she still looked like a puppy. She must have had a very rough three years of her life. 

puppy lying on a blanket
Source: @maggierlar

They decided to name her Slurpee!

In just two days after being rescued, Slurpee changed so much. Her little personality blossomed, and she turned into the happiest little girl ever. 

“Slurpee is feeling better by the day and we are already seeing improvements on her skin condition. Demodectic mange looks scary but is not contagious,” Maggie wrote on TikTok. 


Medical Update! Slurpee is approximately 3 years old and is heartworm NEGATIVE! Happy happy happy dance!

♬ original sound – Maggie

In a couple of weeks, she will hopefully be completely healthy and forget the ditch she was heartlessly dumped into.  

Better days are ahead of you, sweet girl. 

If you want to help Slurpee and the wonderful rescue that saved her life, please donate to their Go Fund Me page