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Driver Was Shocked To Find This Motionless Dog On The Road Was Still Breathing So He Went To Help

Driver Was Shocked To Find This Motionless Dog On The Road Was Still Breathing So He Went To Help

While driving on a freeway in Rubidoux, California, David Loop, the founder of an animal rescue called Sierra Pacific Furbabies, noticed a mysterious black lump close to an exit ramp. 

Fearing that the dark lump could be an animal that needed his help, Loop hit the brakes. He quickly got out of his car and rushed to check what it was. 

A sense of sadness came over him when he realized that it was a pooch who was hit by a car. Since he wasn’t moving, Loop thought that the pup had passed away.

Once the rescuer approached him closer, he realized that the dog was breathing. Loop called his team right away, asking for backup.

Shiloh Receives Urgent Help

photo of pup lying on freeway
Source: @davidloop65

After he heard Loop’s footsteps, the hopeless pup, later named Shiloh, lifted his head and looked at him. Feeling frightened and injured, the dog started growling.

Loop stayed by Shiloh’s side, reassuring him that everything would be alright.

Shortly afterward, the rescue team arrived. They carefully lifted Shiloh, put him on a comfortable bed in the truck, and sped to the emergency vet.

On their way to the vet, Loop cuddled the sweet pooch, letting him know that he wasn’t alone anymore.

After realizing that he was in safe hands, the pup calmed down.

Upon his arrival at the vet clinic, Shiloh captivated everyone’s hearts. 

The vet team conducted a complete checkup. Although Shiloh didn’t have any broken bones, he was unable to move his back legs. Both his vet team and his rescuers were worried for the pup.

“The prognosis was not good. He had head trauma and complete paralysis,” Loop wrote on Instagram.

Shiloh’s vets were committed to his recovery, and they gave him the constant care that he needed. 

close-up photo of injured dog
Source: @davidloop65

They rejoiced when the resilient doggo began responding to the pain in his back legs. 

After spending a week at the vet clinic, Shiloh’s vets determined that the pup was strong enough to continue recovering at his rescuer’s house.

Recovering At Loop’s Home

pup lying next to a man
Source: @davidloop65

Loop collected Shiloh and brought him to his home. 

His family welcomed the sweet boi and gave him a lot of love. Not knowing whether Shiloh would ever walk again, the whole family dedicated themselves to his care, hoping for the best. Shiloh felt grateful to have wonderful humans by his side.

“We hand-fed him so he could regain his strength. He was the best patient ever,” Loop wrote.

The doggo’s caregivers fought for his recovery. During his rehabilitation, Shiloh underwent many remedies, including water therapy and laser treatment.

However, it was the immense love that Loop’s family gave him that had the most significant effect on his recovery.

man helping dog stand
Source: @davidloop65

His once-scared eyes became filled with affection and hope. 

When Loop’s family saw him wagging his tail for the first time, they felt ecstatic. They knew that he felt better and that he was willing to fight even more.

They continued supporting him and felt emotional when he tried to sit up on his own after a couple of weeks.

“He’s an amazing little doggy [who] has a strong desire to live. He’s another miracle baby,” Loop added.

The adorable pup defied all odds and made a full recovery. He was able to walk and run again.

A Life Filled With Love

two dogs running by the pool
Source: @davidloop65

A month after he was rescued, he found his forever mom and jumped into her arms.

Shiloh was thrilled to start a new life with his family.

His forever family was mesmerized with him, and they gave him all their love. Shiloh’s eyes were sparkling with happiness. He finally had everything that he ever dreamed of.

Shiloh lives his best life with his loving family. The doggo enjoys playing with his toys. He’s glad that he has a doggy sibling. They became great friends.

We’re very happy that the resilient California sweetheart overcame all obstacles that stood in the way of his happiness. His fighting spirit and his determination to fight for his recovery are truly remarkable.

Huge thanks to Loop and his family for their dedication to Shiloh’s care and the immense love they poured into this lovely boi.