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Driver Shocked To Find A Lifeless Dog Lying On The Side Of The Road

Driver Shocked To Find A Lifeless Dog Lying On The Side Of The Road

They say that timing is everything, and this holds particularly true in the case of little Travolta.

Found on the side of the road by a giant-hearted Uber driver, Travolta didn’t have much time. Starved, exhausted, and weighing only half of what he should weigh, he was near the point of no return. 

That day, the entire community of kind people sprung into action to help this poor boi. Little did they know that hidden behind his weak body was an amazing character to be discovered!

Saved At The Last Minute

Travolta was in terrible condition when he was brought to Kentucky Humane Society. His dirty coat was matted in so many places all over his body. 

According to the vet team who admitted him, he had the lowest body scale possible for a dog.

He was literally on the edge, being in danger of not making it due to severe starvation. Travolta weighed only 14 pounds instead of 30, which was normal for his age. He was around one year old, and he looked like he had never had proper care in his life.

“Travolta has been receiving round-the-clock care in our veterinary ward since his arrival and we are doing everything we can to save him,” the KHS team wrote on Facebook.

On top of his condition, he had pressure sores, an infection that was mostly on the right side of his body, and maggots crawling all over him.

The vet team believed that Travolta spent weeks in this terrible condition. He had absolutely no one to help him until the Uber driver decided to contact the Kentucky team.

The Road To Recovery

Dr. Bewley, the head of the team in charge of Travolta, took care of him around the clock. The first few days were critical for this little boi, and the team made sure to be with him 24/7.

He was given medication and small portions of food every few hours. 

The ultimate goal was to help him regain his lost weight and rebuild muscles, so Travolta could walk again. And then, after only several days, this sweet boi made his very first step in a long time!

It was a heartwarming scene for everyone in the facility. Seeing Travolta getting back on his paws that were once too sore and weak to be standing on independently was a moment of true inspiration and love.

“We are over the moon to see this handsome boy become mobile and start showing us a little more of his personality,” KHS wrote under the video.

Some sleepless nights and many hardworking hours later, Travolta made significant progress. And, from that moment on – he was only making steps forward!

The Perfect Home

Dr. Bewley decided to take Travolta in on a foster basis. She welcomed him in her Kentucky home, where she already lived with several rescue doggos, and this little boi adapted in a heartbeat!

He was already so warmed up to his savior and favorite vet in the facility, but being home with Dr. B was a brand-new experience.

He finally came out of his shell and started exhibiting his true personality. 

Underneath his matted coat was a playful, active boi who just needed some time to reveal himself. And, now that he felt better – Travolta became the foster family’s biggest entertainer!

He really warmed up to the family who accepted him, as if he had always been there, leading Dr. Bewley to make the most wonderful decision of all

She decided to keep Travolta for good! He was foster fail material from the start, and now that he finally got the chance to live next to his favorite person in the world – his new mom simply couldn’t say no.

“Travolta is living his best life these days and goes pretty much everywhere with Dr. B,” the KHS team wrote.

Once a starving boi fighting for his life, Travolta is now a brand-new dog celebrating life every step of the way!