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A Dog Eager To Dramatize Shows Off Her Acting Talent When Her Water Bowl Goes Empty

A Dog Eager To Dramatize Shows Off Her Acting Talent When Her Water Bowl Goes Empty

Just like people, not all dogs are the same. Some like to walk, some enjoy sleeping all day, while a few of them like to dramatize more than anything. 

A woman named Rhiannon Kostecki owns just such a pup. Her six-month-old Great Pyrenees, Indigo, demonstrates her dramatizing instinct and a huge desire for attention every day. 

If she is not constantly asking for food and water as if she hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for days, then she lies down in the mud and parades in front of the neighbors, very proud of her muddy coat. 

However, the peak of her dramatization and quirky behavior occurred one day when she emptied her water bowl. All the splendor of her acting talent could be seen in that one scene. 

All The World’s A Stage

dog licking the water bowl
Source: @solargurl

Kostecki adopted Indigo not long ago, but she already became aware of her theatrical behavior in almost every seemingly ordinary situation. However, the hilarious video she shared on her TikTok profile truly demonstrated that.  

It shows Indigo lying on the floor with her head immersed in a water bowl, seemingly in such a condition as if she is on the verge of collapsing. Although one might think it is only a matter of time before this dog becomes dehydrated, the reality is completely different.

That becomes clear when you read the sentence written in the video itself. 


Why? Can’t she just bark at the sink like her brother? #greatpyrenees #puppylove #thirstydog #pyrenees

♬ Playful Cats – Noise Candy Music

Yes, this dog acts so well that we probably wouldn’t even know it was her performance act if Kostecki hadn’t already seen through her dramatic behavior. It didn’t take Kostecki long to realize that, but she is still enchanted by her unique personality to this day.

“Indigo is extremely performative,” Kostecki told PEOPLE. “She’s super independent and has all these really quirky behaviors. She’s super, super intelligent, and she gets really, really excited.”

Kostecki also stated that they live on a farm where there are plenty of water bowls all over the property, but Indigo decided that she would drink only from the one she “occupied.” 

“She’ll kind of slide it around the house and ask for water to be put in that bowl for her, despite receptacles everywhere,” Kostecki said.

dog looking to the side
Source: @solargurl

It is now clear that Indigo is most often not hungry or thirsty for food or water but only for attention and dramatization. Yet, it is what makes her truly unique.  

“Just A Drama Queen”

The video Kostecki shared on TikTok truly attracted a lot of attention. Millions of people saw it and, of course, there were also a lot of different reactions. 

“the dramatics are strong in that one 😂😂😂,” one user wrote. 

“it’s the eye contact as she licks the bowl 🤣,” another wrote. 

While the third quipped: “And the Oscar goes to…”

social media comments
Source: @solargurl

Yet, some people couldn’t help but wonder if Indigo was really dehydrated and if this was actually a sign of neglect. Kostecki immediately denied such a claim.

“She’s just a drama queen,” Kostecki said, adding that she knows what she is talking about due to her 15-year-long experience as a veterinary technician

“I have spent so much time educating others on the health and care and welfare of animals,” she said. “I’m really active in animal rescues. So there definitely isn’t any deprivation occurring.”

However, the suspicions of TikTok users and people who saw the video are the best proof that Indigo has no equal when it comes to acting and drama. It is a talent that has already brought her millions of views on TikTok, so don’t be surprised if we soon see her in some Hollywood movie.

Many got to their place on the red carpet in even more bizarre ways, so why not Indigo with her very own empty water bowl?