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7 Best Dogue De Bordeaux Breeders In The U.S.

7 Best Dogue De Bordeaux Breeders In The U.S.

Have you ever had a chance to come across this powerful, affectionate big boy? Dogue De Bordeaux, or, popularly known as both the Mastiff De Bordeaux and the French Mastiff, is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Its history dates back to ancient times, which makes Dogue De Bordeaux breeders uncertain about the exact period the puppy was introduced to the world. However, there are many beliefs that the breed existed before today’s modern state of France.

The AKC-recognized breed, Dogue De Bordeaux, valued for its firm, muscular body, and wrinkly, black mask, makes the perfect human companion. These canines are affectionate, determined, and initially – home guardians!

Dogue De Bordeaux Puppies For Sale In The U.S.

The Dogue De Bordeaux breed qualifies among the large dog breeds. They reach up to 27 inches in height. The weight of the breed is around 90-110 pounds. The average cost of the puppy is between $1400-$2500.

However, the price from reputable breeders can go even higher, up to $4000-$5000.

The reason reflects the fact that quality breeders invest time in early socialization and obedience training, take care of good conformation, provide future owners with documentation demonstrating the health tests the puppies have had, and add extra supplements in the shipment.

Dogue De Bordeaux puppies have some of the traits of a bully dog breed that also qualifies them as a great family pet. However, the breed needs early obedience training, as they can show stubbornness.

This is a very sensitive breed that requires a firm, but gentle training process. Puppies don’t stand yelling, roughness, or violence. Their response to inadequate training could be destructive.

That’s why choosing a reliable, quality breeder is crucial if you’re planning to buy one of these fawn canines. Here we have seven U.S. Dogue De Bordeaux breeders that you can trust!

1. Premiere Roux Bordeaux, Caulfield, MO

Bordeaux puppy lying on the grass

Diana Cobb stands behind the Premiere Roux Bordeaux kennel. These fawn, Bullmastiff-like beauties are sold at $3000-$3500 in this puppy house. The reason for the price being higher than in other kennels is that the puppies are nurtured and trained from an early age.

All canines come with microchips, which is included in the price. The PRB team makes sure the dog has a champion bloodline and that the breeding program meets the requirements of a future owner.

According to the AKC breed standard, the puppies are fawn, with a thick muzzle and strong bite, are muscular, have good stamina, and are short-coated.

The coat colors of Dogue De Bordeaux positively correlate with Bulldog and Bullmastiff colors. Fawn is the most represented color in the PRB puppy house.

The new litter is available in October, so the recommendation is to hurry up and reserve your spot. The prerequisite deposit for the wait list is $1000.

The breeder prefers puppies being picked up personally, but for those who can’t manage to do so, the flight nanny option is available, too. The cost for this extra arrangement is an additional $700-800.

Location: Caulfield, MO 65626

Phone number: (417) 372-0345

Email: [email protected]

Website: Premiere Roux Bordeaux

2. Puppycreek Kennels, Huntsville, AR

A Bordeaux puppy stands leaning against a stone

Meet Tonya White and the excellent Puppycreek Kennels! The kennel provides DDB champions with exquisite bloodlines, and the AKC standard. The Puppycreek Kennels is recognized as an AKC Breeder Of Merit.

Puppy buyers will be perfectly satisfied with how the breeder operates. Early socialization is the key, and the breeder prefers early obedience training, too.

The reason is to neutralize the possibility of destructive DDB behavior at an early age.

The breed is nurtured, provided with the best healthcare, and comes with a health guarantee. Grooming is recommended on a weekly basis.

In order to apply for a puppy, you need to fill in the online application form first. The form is available on the official Puppycreek website.

Location: Huntsville, Arkansas

Phone number: (479) 677-2476

Website: Puppycreek Kennels

3. Gingerhaus DDB, Vine Grove, KY

Bordeaux set with ball in mouth

Gingerhaus DDB is a member of the Dogue De Bordeaux Society of America, as well as many other breed clubs. All canines in this kennel are AKC registered, and the breeder is recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Puppies are imported directly from Europe, which gives them an exquisite European bloodline. Genetic testing, as well as regular health exams, are the Gingerhaus DDB standard. This is the reason why choosing the Gingerhaus breeder is the best decision if you live in Kentucky.

These American Kennel Club registered puppies are nurtured from an early age, and their life expectancy is good. Dogue De Bordeaux puppies are available in fawn coloring mostly.

The breeder prefers being contacted over the application form on the website, but sending the text is also acceptable. The recommendation is not to wait and to get in touch as soon as possible. Waiting lists are long.

Location: Vine Grove, Kentucky

Phone number: (270) 312-7743

Email: [email protected]

Website: Gingerhaus DDB

4. M&M Dogue De Bordeaux, West Plains, MO

Bordeaux runs the field

M&M is another Missouri-based breeder. The mission statement of this puppy house is to provide the best human companions to a new owner. The focus is on developing strong social skills, as well as creating an obedient, yet affectionate nature in their Dogue De Bordeaux puppies.

This is why M&M is one of the most favorable Dogue De Bordeaux breeders in this state, and wider. New puppies will perfectly fit into your loving home and make excellent family dogs. These large canines come in fawn and cream coloring most of the time.

Puppies meet the breed standards, their conformation is excellent, and grooming is regularly done. The recommendation is to use best-smelling dog shampoos, in order to maintain the great, royal look and smell of your new puppy.

This breeder accepts online inquiries.

Location: West Plains, Missouri

Phone number: (417) 256-1598

Website: M&M Dogue De Bordeaux

5. Heartstrings Dogue De Bordeaux, Akron, OH Joy Chicatelli

Bordeaux lies on the grass and looks above him

Joy Chicatelli is a breeder in Heartstrings Dogue De Bordeaux puppy house. The main reason why this should be one of your first choices is the fact that the Heartstrings breeder is the four-time U.S. Breeder of The Year.

Puppies in this kennel have won numerous GCH (Grand Championship) points in many AKC competitions over the years.

Joy breeds family dogs and the socialization process is the first thing she pays attention to.

Even though this breeder has the Breeder of Merit recognition, and also breeds puppies for dog shows and contests, the first thing they care about is to providing a future owner with a dog that has family traits.

Despite the fact that this breed shares a lot of characteristics with bully dog breeds, the French Mastiff is not categorized in the club of aggressive dog breeds. It has a calm, loving, and affectionate nature that positively correlates with its guard traits.

Location: Akron, Ohio

Phone number: (330) 322-4876

Website: Heartstrings Dogue De Bordeaux

6. Lyon Hills Bordeaux, Highland, MI

Bordeaux adorable puppy

Wendy manages the Lyon Hills family kennel in Michigan. The mission of this kennel is based on keeping the DDB puppies active, and healthy. The training takes place outside, through various activities, such as playtime, walking, and hanging out in the city.

Keeping the puppies active boosts their overall socialization, which makes the trait of being a family dog, that they are often credited with, justified.

Conversely, the puppy culture protocols are implemented, too! The first days of puppyhood are monitored closely, and the growth chart is established, as well as the proper feeding chart.

The Dogue De Bordeaux is prone to Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, popularly known as bloat. That’s why this breeder chooses only quality food for their canines.

On the contrary, the recommendation is to avoid the worst dog food brands on the market, as it does harm to DDB puppies.

The pricing chart of a DDB puppy is available on the website, as well as the application form.

Location: Highland, Michigan

Phone number: (248) 513-0361

Email: [email protected]

Website: Lyon Hills Bordeaux

7. Big Dog Bordeaux, North Stonington, CT

Bordeaux adorable puppy sitting on the floor and looking at the camera

The first thing the BDB breeder will ask you to do is to fill in the online application form on their official website. This is to get as much information as possible about the future DDB owner. The application is thorough and collects data on a future Dogue De Bordeaux family.

This breeder demands responsibility from the future owner. This means you need to take care of the feeding chart, a dog’s health. Also, the fact of how often you walk the puppy will matter!

Subsequently, the breeder wants to make sure all puppies get a safe, nurturing environment, and dedicated owners. Furthermore, DDBs in this facility are dogs of excellent conformation and take part in various dog-show contests.

Their champion bloodline is what makes Big Dog Bordeaux one of the best Dogue De Bordeaux breeders in the U.S.

This is an AKC-affiliated breeder. Their mission statement is quality, not quantity. The puppies are provided with regular health exams, genetic testing, and grooming. A future owner will receive a healthy puppy, that is guaranteed.

Location: North Stonington, Connecticut

Phone number: (860) 908-3075

Email: [email protected]

Website: Big Dog Bordeaux


1. Do Dogue De Bordeaux Puppies Have A High Chance Of Hereditary Defects?

Bordeaux walks on water

Dogue De Bordeaux breeders emphasize the short lifespan of this breed. DDB puppies tend to have several hereditary diseases, but they develop some health conditions over the years, too.

The most common health issues a Dogue De Bordeaux faces are Bloat (Gastric Dilatation Volvulus), Elbow Dysplasia, and Cardiac Disease.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) is characterized by severe stomach ache, as the stomach is filled with gas and food. This is a common health issue in large breeds, and it is developed, not hereditary.

Puppies with bloat need to be subjected to veterinary treatments, especially because the condition can be fatal.

Furthermore, Elbow dysplasia is usually a hereditary condition. Puppies with this condition have an emphasized limp on the front legs that disables them from walking regularly.

As for cardiac diseases, the puppies need a proper feeding chart and a daily exercise in order to remain healthy. This is not the healthiest dog breed, and the proper supervision of these canines is mandatory.

2. Do Bordeaux Dogs Shed?

Just like any other dog breed, Dogue De Bordeaux puppies shed, too! Despite the fact that the breed has a short, smooth coat, they still need the occasional brush time. The best way is if grooming takes place two times a week. This way you will avoid potential hair trails in the house.

Additionally, the French Mastiff breed needs a weekly bath and a monthly nail clipping. Dogue De Bordeaux canines are known for their high-drooling level, which is something you need to take care of.

3. Is A Dogue De Bordeaux A Bully Breed?

The Dogue De Bordeaux breed itself is not a bully breed. However, there is a mix of the Bullmastiff and the Dogue De Bordeaux that qualifies among the bully breeds. This designer dog is a lot more agile, aggressive, and shows higher watchdog potential.

On the other hand, French Mastiffs are family dogs with several bully dog traits. This is a guardian dog that shows a protective character towards the owner, but their overall nature is not aggressive. However, the breed can show stubbornness at times.

Bully breeding 101 implies implementing the watchdog and guardian training techniques from an early age. Dog owners should be careful with bully breeds, as their training is highly sensitive, and takes a lot of time and care.


It is quite hard to find reputable Dogue De Bordeaux breeders in the U.S. This is due to the fact that the breed itself is not as popular as other large dog breeds. However, future owners should pay attention to the quality of breeders they want to do business with.

Reliable French Mastiff breeders will disclose all information related to a dog’s health, bloodline, and behavior. This is a breed that has a short lifespan, hence – many hereditary health issues. The recommendation is to choose breeders of merit that offer at least a year of health guarantee.

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