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15 Dogs With Jobs That Work Way Harder Than Some Hoomans

15 Dogs With Jobs That Work Way Harder Than Some Hoomans

Today, you’ll meet 15 dogs with incredibly important jobs. They all work very hard, even harder than some hoomans.

Being a service dog comes with lots of responsibilities. Not every dog can be trained to sniff for prohibited items or track down a scent in order to rescue a person. 

These pups have gone through extensive training, and with lots of talent, they have proven to be valuable members of the community. 

All we can do is applaud them for their bravery and wish them many good years in their service.

1. Special Guests On The Plane

Shaken by the latest earthquakes, Turkey really needed help from good people and brave dogs to find their missing citizens. Dogs were shown as real heroes. Some of them worked harder than humans did! 

These search and rescue dogs absolutely deserved a spot on the plane like normal human beings instead of being stuck in cargo. 

three dogs sitting in the plane
Source: Reddit

2. A Psychiatric Service Dog Worthy Of Every Praise

Tito is a psychiatric service dog that helps his owner with her major depressive disorder. Since the owner is a teacher, Tito comes to school with her and stays there the entire day.

However, since the school has many fire drills, and Tito’s ears can’t stand the fire alarm, the owner bought him small noise-canceling headphones… how sweet!

dog wearing noise-canceling headphones while his owner cuddling him
Source: Reddit

3. Daisy And Poppy Are Two Skilled Trackers

On their first real-life mission, Daisy and Poppy had to find a missing person suffering from Alzheimer’s. Needless to say, the mission was a success and the lost man was found safe and sound.

two dogs standing in car trunk
Source: Reddit

4. A Cute SDIT That Aced Her First Day At Work

Even though she’s still young, this service dog proved she’s capable of performing greatly. Looks like this cutie pie won’t be a Service Dog in Training for long. A bright future is ahead of her.

dog wearing yellow tie sitting on the floor
Source: Reddit

5. Sleeping On Duty

This canine companion was doing such a great job that it became exhausting. A dog must catch a break. No one will mind a short nap because she’s doing a terrific job!

black dog sleeping on the floor
Source: Reddit

6. A Dog That Reads

Well… technically, Boris doesn’t read, but he provides excellent companionship during reading therapy as a reading buddy.

dog sitting beside a little girl while she reading a book
Source: Reddit

7. A Dog That Guards The School

Therapy dogs in school are the new deal. I can see many more schools in the future adopting their own pups, not as mascots, but as helpful companions. The children sure feel much safer when someone’s keeping an eye on them. 

white dog lying on the grass in school yard
Source: Reddit

8. A Service Dog That Stayed Alert For 16 Hours

She was focused and alert, and even alerted her owner twice that she was about to faint. This gave the owner time to lie down and prevent herself from getting hurt. Although there were many distractions and the ER was a busy place, this brave girl took it like a real professional.

service dog lying on the floor
Source: Reddit

9. An Autism Support Dog That Doubles As A Nurse

She sat there the entire time, keeping an eye on her little hooman in need. Such a good, loving girl! 

dog sitting on the chair beside a kid lying on the couch
Source: Reddit

10. The Lead Scout Dog

Military dogs deserve a special mention because of their incredible bravery. This is Stout. He’s a lead scout dog in his dad’s Stryker Brigade. 

scout dog with helmet on his head
Source: Reddit

11. Hugo, The Scientist

Well, Hugo isn’t really a scientist, but he does help sniff out data for field biologists. He’s actually a scent detection dog (or a conservation dog). This is him in the field, working until he finds his data.

german shepherd dog sniffing field
Source: Reddit

12. A Dog That Knows CPR

Maple is a Search and Rescue air scent tracker dog that can do many things. One of them is CPR! I’d love to have Maple around when something bad happens.

black tracker dog in forest
Source: Reddit

13. Detection Dog At Work

This is just one of many detection dogs that’s being used to determine if there are any shipments with animal parts inside. Or, in other words, these brave dogs help fight illegal animal wildlife trafficking. 

detection dog at work
Source: Reddit

14. Meet Ajax, The Fire Dog

Ajax is a type of therapy dog, or a fire dog that helps brave firefighters deal with trauma. Trust me… this job does come with lots of traumas and psychological issues.

fire dog sitting in the fire truck
Source: Reddit

15. Egan, The Seeing Eye Dog

Egan is a puppy in training… the third generation of his guide dog family. This lovable pooch will work hard to become someone’s window into the world.

black guiding dog sitting on the floor
Source: Reddit