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Twin Dogs Were Traumatized In A Horrible Shelter Until A Big-Hearted Rescuer Saved Them

Twin Dogs Were Traumatized In A Horrible Shelter Until A Big-Hearted Rescuer Saved Them

Although the shelter can sometimes be a dog’s only hope for a new life, it is not an ideal place for our furry companions. This is especially the case with those shelters where the conditions are awful and where euthanasia is regularly performed. 

Staying in such a place for a longer period can be so traumatizing for some dogs that it can leave lasting consequences for their mental and physical health. 

Two twin dogs, brother and sister, who were terrified and starving in one euthanasia shelter, found themselves in a similar situation. They had already lost hope that they would see the light of day ever again. 

However, one big-hearted rescuer appeared out of nowhere and changed their lives forever. 

Their Worst Nightmare

twin dogs
Source: The Moho

As soon as this great rescuer named Fahrudin Caki Bravo entered the shelter, he was shocked by the conditions he found inside. However, his heart truly broke when he saw Maike and Sugar, two twin dogs

Aside from the fact that they were starving, he saw in the eyes of these two poor creatures that they were deeply traumatized. He knew that he had to get them out of there immediately, but he was also aware that the road to full recovery would be very long and difficult. 

During the month and a half they spent with him, this great man did everything to help the dogs recover and regain their trust in people. Although some progress was visible, their wounds were so deep that it took them at least that much longer to truly heal.

brown twin dogs
Source: The Moho

However, Fahrudin did not want to give up on them so easily and was determined in his intention to make these heartbroken beings feel happy again. 

His efforts paid off when he managed to get in touch with a man who was willing to take them to a much better place and ensure a brighter future for them.

After one additional month spent with Fahrudin, Maike and Sugar were finally at the door of their new beginning. 

Waking Up In Paradise

twin dogs sleeping
Source: Diane Bird 

Before they left for their new foster home, Fahrudin could see the true happiness and smiles on the faces of these two dogs for the first time. It seemed as if they knew they were going to a better place and that a brighter future awaited them.

It wasn’t easy for Fahrudin to say goodbye to Maike and Sugar, but considering he knew it was for their own good, he was glad they were finally leaving. To his delight, three months later, Maike and Sugar were brand-new dogs

twin dogs and black dog
Source: The Moho

During the time spent with their new foster dad, Gerry, these two dogs experienced an amazing transformation. They just needed a little time, a normal environment, and the love of their new family to truly blossom. 

Gerry has cared for them, rehabilitated them, and given them the love, hope, and the best future they could have ever dreamed of. One year later, they were unrecognizable, and their past life seemed like just another nightmare from which they woke up a long time ago. 

dog on the grass field
Source: The Moho

Credits to Gerry, but we should not forget the man who started this beautiful story when it was the most difficult. Good soul, Fahrudin, was the guardian angel of these two dogs while they were going through their worst nightmare. 

Without him, they might never have woken up in paradise.