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Dogs Rush To Warn Their Owner About The Upcoming Danger After Noticing Unusual Activity

Dogs Rush To Warn Their Owner About The Upcoming Danger After Noticing Unusual Activity

Canine intelligence is a topic that is often researched but I think even papers can’t always predict just how clever they can be.

There are many videos online where we can see dogs doing something that often amuses us but also makes us realize just how smart they are.

These two dogs were just spending their time having fun as usual when they noticed something was wrong in the house and had an immediate reaction.

Two Good Boys

Soon after they had the realization, they rushed back to their owners to try and warn them about the danger.

What happened was that their cat had accidentally turned the stove on and the baking sheet was starting to get red hot.

However, at the time, their owner, Kelly Fisher, didn’t know it and was looking at them and wondering why they were so distressed.

They climbed on the bed and tried to warn her, but she didn’t understand at first. Dogs have far better smell and are able to detect things we can’t, which is how they noticed.

After she got up a bit later, she realized what they were trying to warn her about, and she immediately turned off the stove.

Soon after, she posted the entire clip of the event on TikTok, where we can see that they had been trying to get her to move and do something about the problem.

Internet’s Funny Reaction

Normally, you would expect some form of outrage in an event like this, but the video received mostly positive reactions.

It got over 2.3 million views, over 200,000 likes, and an additional 3,000 comments. I think it’s safe to say it went viral.

One person commented: “He’s like your over here calling me fat while I’m trying to telling you I need to live to see my next meal.

It’s funny to see people impersonating dogs and what must have been going through their heads at the time of this event.

Another person said: “I taught my dog to show me. She uses it to bring me to the backyard or treat jar. But I’d like to think she’d save me from a fire too.

This is generally a good idea. It’s always important to keep in mind that dogs smell better than us and it’s crucial that we teach them to recognize danger and warn us about it.

And lastly, somebody commented: “My dog woke me up in the middle of night. Got up to let him out but he just sat in front of the fireplace. I then noticed two candles on the left burning on the mantle. Blew them out and he went straight back to bed.

This is exactly the kind of thing we should be watching out for. While the whole thing happened fast and nothing bad happened to anyone, we have to take care of our safety.

Our dogs can be there for us and it’s important that we let them help us because they will always do everything they can to protect us.