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Spot The Difference: 11 Dogs Who Look Like Their People

Spot The Difference: 11 Dogs Who Look Like Their People

I have heard more than one person saying how my husband and I look alike. Who knows – 

maybe this happens when you spend so much time with somebody!

But, has anybody ever told you that you and your dog have similar appearance? This might sound so weird, but, believe me, it is not impossible!

Actually, science also has something to say about this phenomenon. According to the study from the University of California, San Diego [1], when people seek for their future dogs, they try to find the one that resembles them on some level.

So, you are probably not even aware of this – but, you might actually be looking for a dog that is similar to you!

Now, I have 11 photos to show you that will instantly make you believe this is true.

#1 The Wrinkles

owner and his dog with wrinkles posing
Photo from: Reddit

Those skin folds on this dog and his owner… They look strikingly similar, don’t they?

#2 The Power Of Gray

man with grey hair holding his dog on his shouder
Photo from: Reddit

The hair color and the face expression – these two look so good together!

#3 Long Hair, Don’t Care

man with long hair and his dog with long hair
Photo from: Reddit

Their hair is so similar, and the shape of their faces, too! 

#4 The Lovely Curls

woman with curly hair holding her dog with curly hair
Photo from: Reddit

Not only these two both have curls – their hair color is also absolutely the same. It is even hard to distinguish the dog’s hair from his owner’s hair.

#5 The Serious Face

woman and dog looking similar
Photo from: Pinterest

I can’t decide whether the dog is imitating the owner, or vice versa, but one thing is sure – their resemblance is amazing!

#6 The Happy Face

man and dog looking similar
Photo from: Pinterest

I believe that dogs can really feel our emotions. Well, this dog looks exactly like his owner when he is happy!

#7 Dreadlocks

woman with dreadlocks and puli dog looking similar
Photo form: Pinterest

Their hair is so similar, and this dog’s owner’s outfit also matches her dog’s fur!

#8 Mustache Brothers

man with mustache holding his dog in arms
Photo from: Pinterest

These two look more like brothers, or like a dad and son, rather than a dog and his owner.

#9 The Apple Of My Eye

man and dog having two eyes of different colors looking similar
Photo from: Pinterest

Both this dog and his owner have heterochromia, which means they have two eyes of different colors. 

#10 Pigtails Are The Charm

woman and dog with matching hairstyles looking similar
Photo from: Pinterest

These two love having matching hairstyles!

#11 All Ears

owner and her dog looking similar
Photo from: Pinterest

It seems that both this dog and his owner are eager to hear something interesting! They look amazingly similar with their focused faces and heads turned to one side.

Closing Thoughts

There is a saying that we all have a twin somewhere in the world. It might be funny to think that our twins might actually be dogs!

However, it is likely that many of us will choose a dog that resembles us, although we might not be even aware of this.

Anyhow, I hope you had fun looking at these photos that show how similar dogs and their owners can actually be!


[1] Roy, M, Christenfeld, N, Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? Psychological Science 15(5):361-3. DOI, Retrieved March 7, 2023