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8 Dog Breeds That Look Like French Bulldogs

8 Dog Breeds That Look Like French Bulldogs

The popular Frenchie is one of the most loved companion dogs nowadays. Totally understandable, since this dog is adaptable, easy to take care of, and so friendly!

If you like this dog’s charming appearance, I am sure you will also like the dog breeds that are quite similar to the irresistible French Bulldog. 

Some people might even have a hard time trying to differentiate some of these breeds from the French Bulldog. Still, these dogs might be similar in appearance, but there are also some differences that will be helpful in distinguishing them.

So, let’s learn a bit more on the Frenchie’s look-alikes.

#1 English Version Of The Bulldog

english bulldog sitting in park

The first dog on our list is the English Bulldog.

These two dogs look so alike that, in some way, a French Bulldog might be considered as a smaller version of the English Bulldog! 

Both English and French Bulldogs have stocky bodies, short legs, and broad chests. They are also both among the brachycephalic dog breeds, which means they have short muzzles, and are prone to breathing problems.

The adorable, wrinkled face is the most common reason why people mistake these two Bulldogs. 

Also, both of these dogs have short coats. 

The number one difference between these two dogs is their size. According to the English Bulldog growth chart, this dog weighs 40 to 50 pounds. On the other hand, the Frenchie usually doesn’t weigh more than 28 pounds.

While Frenchie’s ears are pointy, the English Bulldog’s ears are floppy.  

So, if you would like a slightly bigger version of the Frenchie – the English Bulldog might be the perfect dog for you!

#2 The Mischievous Pug

pug dog lying in the grass

The adorable Pug is another dog that many people mistake for a French Bulldog. 

These two dogs have many similarities. They are more similar in size than a French Bulldog and an English Bulldog. Still, a Pug is smaller than a Frenchie, with their average weight being 14 to 18 pounds.

Both these dogs have flat faces and loose, wrinkled skin. 

The French Bulldog and Pug also have different ears – the Pug has small, floppy ears. Also, a Pug has a more round body, while the Frenchie is more muscular.

Take a look at the video below that shows a French Bulldog and a Pug together.

At a first glance, these two dogs really look quite alike. But, a Frenchie is stockier and bigger than a Pug. 

You cannot go wrong with any of these two dogs – you should just consider which size of dog would be a better match for you!

#3 The American Gentleman

boston terrier dog lying on a terrace

The American Gentleman is a nickname for the lively and gentle Boston Terrier dog.

Both French Bulldog and Boston Terrier are popular dogs among Americans; according to the American Kennel’s Club list of the most popular breeds in the 2021, the Frenchie is #2, while the Boston Terrier is #23.

Both these dogs have short tails, short snouts, upright ears, and short coats. So, they are quite similar, and it might be challenging for people to tell them apart!

Still, there are some differences between these two pooches. A Frenchie has heavier bones, and a more muscular build. Also, Frenchie’s legs are shorter than Boston Terrier’s, and a Boston Terrier has a more rounded head than a French Bulldog.

Furthermore, a Frenchie is slightly bigger than the Boston Terrier, since Boston Terriers usually weigh 15 to 25 pounds.

#4 Boxer, The Gentle Giant

boxer dog in the park

Thanks to the Boxer’s size, obviously, probably nobody would mistake this dog for a Frenchie.

Still, there are similarities in the looks of these two dogs. Both Boxer and French Bulldog have compact bodies.

The one thing that will make you think how a Boxer is similar to a Frenchie is his facial expression. 

Both these dogs have wrinkled faces, and shorter snouts. Still, Boxer’s snout will not be as short as the French Bulldog’s.

Obviously, you will not mistake an adult French Bulldog with an adult Boxer, since the Boxer will be a much larger dog. But, a Boxer puppy might remind you of a French Bulldog!

Boxers and Bulldogs actually have a common ancestor – a Mastiff-type dog named the Bullenbeisser, which is now extinct. This explains the similarities between these two dogs of different sizes.

#5 Belgium Treasure, The Brussel Griffon

brussel griffon lying in the grass

The Brussel Griffon, a charming pooch originating from Belgium, is another brachycephalic breed that might resemble a French Bulldog.

So, both Frenchies and Brussel Griffons are small dogs with short muzzles. Still, a Brussel Griffon is smaller than a Frenchie, usually weighing 8 to 10 pounds.

Also, Brussel Griffon’s ears are floppy, and not pointy as Frenchie’s. This dog has a thick body, while Frenchie is more muscular. 

Furthermore, while a Frenchie has a short coat, the Brussel Griffon has a rough coat that sheds moderately. So, a Brussel Griffon is not a low-maintenance dog like the French Bulldog.

#6 A Bulldog From Australia

australian bulldog lying in the sand

The Australian Bulldog is also a dog that might remind you of the Frenchie!

Both these dogs have compact and muscular bodies. Also, these two Bulldog breeds are similar in their wrinkles and their pushed-in noses. 

Furthermore, both Frenchie and his Australian counterpart have square-shaped heads.

The biggest difference between these two dogs is their size. The Australian Bulldog is quite bigger than a Frenchie, usually weighing up to 65 pounds. 

Also, this dog might have a docked tail, while you will not see a cut-off tail in Frenchies. 

#7 The Frug

frug dog in the park

You might see a dog and instantly think he is a Frenchie, but, actually, this dog might be one of the French Bulldog mixes.

One of the dogs that look quite a lot like their French Bulldog parent is the Frug.

The Frug is a mixed dog whose parents are the French Bulldog and the Pug. We have already learned how Pug and Frenchie are similar – imagine just the combination of these two in one puppy!

Take a look at the video below that shows 4-week old Frug puppies.

Just like Frenchie, the Frug also has a flat face and stocky body. Also, these cute puppies usually inherit the bat ears from their French Bulldog parent.

This dog is a bit less compact than the Frenchie, but he will usually weigh approximately the same as his French Bulldog parent.

#8 The Frenchton 

frenchton dog in the park

This list ends up with another mixed dog – the Frenchton, the crossbreed of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

This mixed dog has a similar size to his French Bulldog parent, weighing up to 25 pounds. Bat ears are another trait Frenchton puppies inherit from French Bulldogs.

They also have a flat face, but their snout is usually a bit longer than that of Frenchies. Also, Frenchton has a round head, unlike his French Bulldog parent.

Final Words

So, there are some dogs that are quite similar to the French Bulldog. Their short muzzles and compact bodies might make you mistake them for the popular Frenchie.

Some of these dogs have common ancestors and some share similar features, so, this might make dog lovers having trouble differentiating between them. Still, if you take a closer look, you will be able to notice the difference between these breeds. 

Also, some of these dogs might look quite like a Frenchie in their puppyhood, but their resemblance will be less noticeable as the puppy grows up.

In the end, it is a good thing to know a bit more on the breeds similar to Frenchie. This way, you can perhaps choose a smaller, or even a bigger version of the irresistible French Bulldog!