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These 7 Purr-ty Dogs Look Just Like Cats

These 7 Purr-ty Dogs Look Just Like Cats

You may know some of them, and some you will meet for the first time, but these seven doggos could be easily mistaken for cats, especially at night!

They don’t just look like cats anatomically, they’re basically the same size as an average cat. Well, okay… except for the Chow Chow. 

Are you ready to look at the list?

I must warn you – brace yourself as here comes some cuteness overload!

#1 Dingo Is Practically A Cat, Except That He’s Not As Hiss-Terical

cute dog that looks like a cat
Source: Pinterest

Some might say that they’re not exactly dogs, while others claim they are. According to the ASM (American Society of Mammalogists), Dingos are, indeed, dogs by their DNA as any other domestic breed. 

They resemble cats in their head shape, triangular ears, and a smooth, shorter coat. Even though they’re not exactly the best family dogs in the world, Dingos can make pretty good pets.

Still, if you lack experience in dog ownership, I would recommend adopting a low-maintenance dog for the first time. Dingos might be too much to handle!

#2 Can You Hear A Cat Barking? Yeah, That’s The Vietnamese Hmong

Have you ever heard of this exotic dog breed? Vietnamese Hmongs or popularly known as Bobdogs, and they come all the way from the Far East. They have the squished face of a cat, and upright ears that could easily mislead you into thinking that they’re, indeed, kitties.

But, that’s not all! 

Hmongs tend to be exquisite hunters, which makes them resemble their purring friends even more. 

They make great companions, especially if you’re an active individual or a family that has no other pets. Even though they click with their hoomans right away, Hmongs aren’t exactly the friendliest breed around other dogs.

#3 The Chow Chow’s Cattitude Is Unique

Puffy Chow Chow that looks like a cat
Source: Pinterest

Not only do Chow Chows resemble cats in their looks, but they can be truly hiss-terical at times! 

That’s right. 

Given their natural stubbornness, and the fact that they’re sometimes set in their own ways, I can say with certainty that these Chinese boys have a true cattitude! Both males and females are sometimes pretty hard to work with.

That’s why they require a lot of work and commitment right from the start. 

Still, despite their occasional high-maintenance nature – you forget everything when they look at you. With their kitty-like face and puffy body, you can’t say no to this amazing pooch.

#4 The Basenji Loves To Kitten Around

photo of a basenji that looks like a cat
Source: Pinterest

If there’s one thing that you can use to distinguish an adult Basenji from an adult cat – it’s their activity level. Yes, they resemble a short-coated cat. And, no… they don’t act anything like them!

Basenjis are quite active dogs that won’t say no to a good exercise in a back yard or in a dog park. If you fail to deliver, you can expect a lot of hyperactivity around the house.

But, even then, these pooches are not too much to handle. Quite the contrary!

#5 The Manchester Terrier Is The Purrfect Pet

toy manchester terrier that looks like a cat
Source: Pinterest

I have some good news for Terrier lovers! If you’re desperately looking for a low-maintenance terrier breed – the Manchester Terrier is the one for you! They’re almost as economical as cats, given their size and not-so-high nutritional needs.

Other than that, you will find a true friend in this cat-like terrier, as Manchester puppies are loyal, funny, and quite protective.

Most of the time, their eagerness to protect negatively correlates with their seriousness, and they simply come across as sassy. But, they don’t mind! They’re just happy to be around.

#6 Prague Ratters Are A True Fur-Tune

Prague Ratter that looks like a cat
Source: Pinterest

You may not see them on lists of the best lap dogs, as Prague Ratters are not that popular, but the truth is these teeny-tiny pooches are exquisite pets!

Yes, they’re lively, spunky, and sometimes maybe even set in their own ways, but all of that is a part of the Prague Ratter’s cute package.

Their small-sized body and tiny legs are the main reasons why they resemble cats so much. It is sometimes hard to tell them apart when they’re asleep and calm! But, as soon as they move and prick up their unique, large ears – you will not have trouble recognizing them!

#7 Last, But Not Least, The Pawesome Shiba Inu

dog standing on owner's shoulders like a cat
Source: Pinterest

The truth is, some Shibas resemble cats more than they resemble Akitas. And, many people, even the experienced ones, sometimes have a hard time differentiating these two Japanese breeds.

Shibas are generally clingy, and they love spending time with their hoomans as much as possible. Sounds like a cattitude, right?

Well, that’s just who they are… and why we love them so much!

Final Words

These seven puppies are the closest to cats that you’re gonna find, ever. But, even then, you need to know that no dog can truly resemble the average cat, or vice versa. As much as they sometimes look alike, these two are totally different animals.

The truth is, both dogs and cats make wonderful pets, and it’s totally up to you to decide which one suits you best.

But, yes… giving one of these seven a shot is totally worth it, I promise!

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