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21 UnBEElievable Dogs That Ate Bees

21 UnBEElievable Dogs That Ate Bees

Dogs and bees aren’t natural enemies. Bees buzz around and mind their own business, and so do dogs. But, sometimes our four-legged friends are more curious than they should be. 

When dogs meet bees, those spicy sky raisins, catastrophe always happens. 

But, these pooches were really stung by bees… not like that poser dog from Amber Heard. 

1. The Saint BEErnard 

The spicy fly isn’t a delish treato. Mommy, gimme my good treatos…

2. Don’t Even Ask

The look says it all: don’t even ask what happened!

3. The Nose Job

Somebody got a nose job and that somebody isn’t happy with the work done at all.

4. Curiosity Has A Price

Now, this doggo isn’t a doggo; he’s a piggy!

5. Plumped-Up Lips

Spicy sky raisins are excellent lip plumpers, and they will save you tons of money on lip jobs.

6. One Too Many

This is what you get when you eat the entire beehive, not just one bee. Poor baby!

6.  Still Smiling

Apparently, that was one delicious bee.

7. The Face Of Regret

Those poor Doxie eyes scream: Help me, hooman!

8. That Was One Tough Bee

The poor pup really took a beating.

9. The Unexpected Encounter

I don’t know, man… it just came out of nowhere.

10. I See No Problem Here

What are y’all talking about? That bee was delish!

11. A Stuffed Cheek

And, no… he’s not hiding food in there like a squirrel.

12. Boop It!

You know you want it… Boop it!

13. Loving The Pain

11/10 he’ll do it again and enjoy it.

14. Open Wide And Say “Aaa”

No, I’m not hiding spicy sky raisins inside my mouth. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

15. Why The Puffy Face?

Did the poor chonk have a ruff night or are the bees responsible for all that puffiness?

16. Hiding The Crime

Please don’t tell mommy, please! I’ll wait here until the swelling goes down.

17. You Should See The Other Guy

If you think this is ruff, wait until you see the bee!

18. The Swelling Will Go Down, Right?

Please tell me I’m not stuck looking like this!

19. Guess The Breed

Today, we’re playing guess the breed. My first guess is that this is a BEEgle.

20. A Photogenic Pooch

Quick, tell me which is my good side! I’m having a photoshoot soon.

21. Do I Have Something On My Face?

Even the cat won’t look at this dummy doggy.

Spicy sky raisins are not a yummy treato, but some dogs will never learn.