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2 Stray Dogs Struggled To Survive On The Streets, But Then Somebody Amazing Came To Help

2 Stray Dogs Struggled To Survive On The Streets, But Then Somebody Amazing Came To Help

Winter is a tough time for our little four-legged friends. No matter how much (and well) you feed them, a dog without a proper shelter on a cold, winter day is always in danger of hypothermia.

Sadly, for Moose and Greta, that shelter was nowhere near.

This bonded pair of pups roaming the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, has never left parted ways, even in what can only be described as the worst of times. During those freezing temperatures and a snowstorm, they curled up next to each other, hoping for the best.

A Heartbreaking Sight

Suzy Hollenbach, of All 4s Rescue League, from Memphis, Tennessee, was well-aware of Moose and Greta’s situation, and she immediately rushed to help.

“I would see them sleeping on junk scraps or in the field behind the corner store. We called them in several times to at least get them safe but nothing happened. Fast forward to the storm and I come by and there they are curled along the back of the store just enduring the snow,” she wrote on rescue’s Facebook.

She notified Memphis Animal Services about the dogs’ terrible condition and the fact that they were actually freezing. But, when MAS reported that they had no room available for these two, she took the matter into her own hands.

Throughout her organization, Suzy was able to find these two stray beauties a foster on the same day. The volunteer, Rebecca, gladly accepted them into her home, but what she witnessed within the next 24 hours truly broke her heart.

When they finally settled in and got comfortable after freezing in the cold for so long, both Moose and Greta immediately fell asleep – and they slept through the whole day!

They were so exhausted and weak from such difficult street conditions, and a long, well-deserved nap was all it took.

Then came a real shocker! The pawsitive one, though!

The Pawfect Outcome

At first, it seemed that Moose and Greta’s road to a foster home (or a permanent one) would be a long one – but Shannon Carpenter proved everyone wrong!

This giant-hearted foster agreed to take these two affectionate pups into her own home, offering them a temporary haven until they finally find someone to love them forever. Or, so she thought!

Within just a few weeks of being around their foster mom, Greta and Moose transformed into wonderful companions. They adopted basic obedience manners, learned how to live inside a house, and, most of all – they learned to never leave their momma’s side!

“They never leave my side unless I have to go somewhere they can’t go. No leash. They know where home is, very well. Such good babies,” Shannon said on Facebook.

Despite their history, both pups behaved like they had always had a family. With their loving nature and just the sweetest personalities, they were such a delight!

Not so long after she agreed to take them in, Shannon realized that she simply couldn’t let go of Moose and Greta. So, she decided to adopt them – for good!

Right now, the fantastic trio lives on a farm, enjoying endless adventures and fun activities together.

“I’m so proud to have these guys! They have taken to the farm. Horses, riding in my van, my work truck, the carriage (with trainee), and u can literally take them ANYWHERE… I’m so blessed to have the smartest ride or die dogs in Memphis, in just a few months,” Shannon shared in a Facebook post.

What initially started as a temporary foster is now called a forever home. And, for Moose, Greta, and Shannon, that’s just the pawfect combination!