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Dogs Did Not Let Their Owner Rest, Wanting To Point Out The Danger Caused By The Cat

Dogs Did Not Let Their Owner Rest, Wanting To Point Out The Danger Caused By The Cat

We often do not take dogs seriously because we are only used to spending time with them in play and hugs. In other words, time with our furry companions is a time of relaxation rather than solving some difficult problems. 

However, canines definitely know when it is time to be serious, and the best proof of that is their numerous roles in police and medical departments, which they successfully perform. In those roles, their greatest weapon is their exquisite smell.

This was exactly demonstrated by two dogs who didn’t let their Mom sleep, trying to point out the danger that was happening in the house at the moment. Because she did not take them seriously, this woman could not understand what her pups wanted to tell her for several minutes. 

The Smell Of Danger

Just as Kelly Fisher laid down in her warm bed and got ready to fall into a well-deserved slumber, her two dogs climbed onto the bed and started pacing the sheets in agitation. Although she was a bit irate because they didn’t let her sleep, she laughed out of joy when she saw them. 

Kelly thought that Walter and his sister, Gretie, were asking for food. She found that funny because she knew that all they had been doing that day was eating, especially Walter. 

Yet, despite a big smile on her face, the dogs weren’t in the mood so much. They were still nervously trying to point something out to her, and Gretie was so frustrated that her mom didn’t understand her that she started wailing.

As she lay in bed, Kelly was having so much fun that she even recorded them. Only after she turned off the camera would she realize what her furry companions wanted to tell her all along. In those moments, she certainly didn’t feel like laughing anymore.

The rest of us found out about the mystery behind the dogs’ behavior in the caption of the video she shared on her TikTok profile.

“The dogs were trying to tell me something was wrong!! I didn’t know!” she wrote. “There was a fire starting on the stove! The cat turned the stove top on and a baking sheet was bright red and smoking. They wouldn’t let me fall asleep!”

Gertie and Walter literally became canine heroes because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t even be able to see this video.

Numerous Reactions

Kelly posted this video on TikTok because she wanted as many people as possible to find out about the heroism of her two dogs. Yet, she couldn’t even dream that those would be millions of people

The reactions were numerous, and we singled out only a few.

“the eye contact… when they don’t break eye contact and make noises- they are telling you something!!” one user wrote. 

“Walter eating and saving lives is what I do,” another added. 

And, the third joked: “he’s like your over here calling me fat while I’m trying to tell you I need to live to see my next meal 😂”

We can all joke about this now, but the fact is that if it weren’t for these two dogs, things would have been completely different. Luckily, everything ended well and Kelly, as well as all of us who saw this video, learned an important lesson – never underestimate your dog’s seriousness.