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2 Dogs Decided To Hide In A Californian School But Then Someone Amazing Decided To Help Them

2 Dogs Decided To Hide In A Californian School But Then Someone Amazing Decided To Help Them

One of the hardest things for abandoned or stray dogs living on the streets is finding shelter.

Whether it is hot or cold outside, a safe shelter is a very important thing for such pups as it not only keeps them away from the weather but it gives them a place where they can feel safe – a place of their own.

Rescuers have found pups hiding in all sorts of places, from abandoned buildings to cardboard boxes; however, the pups that you are about to meet were able to find a very interesting temporary home.

Back To School

Pair Of Heartbroken Pups
Source: Facebook

When Suzette Hall, the founder of a California-based rescue by the name of Logan’s Legacy 29, received information from her friend who worked at a local school, her heart broke.

Her friend told her that two severely matted pups managed to find shelter on school grounds as they had nowhere else to go.

“She and a few other teachers found them huddled together… They were so scared,” Hall told The Dodo.

When Hall received photos of the duo, her eyes filled with tears – the way the two white pups looked up at the school workers for help was truly heartbreaking.

Hall immediately agreed to take the two dogs in. Unfortunately, while on her way to the school, her car broke down and her arrival was delayed for a few hours.

But, not to worry… while waiting for Hall, the school staff decided to get together and relocate the scared dogs somewhere where they would be safer. A brave janitor gently took the pups to an empty bathroom while the teachers took turns watching over them while trying to feed them.

“[A teacher] had given them her lunch, but there was broccoli everywhere. Apparently, they don’t like broccoli,” Hall wrote on a Facebook post

When Hall finally managed to arrive at the Californian school, she couldn’t believe what the physical state of these dogs was.

“I honestly could not believe it when I saw them. They had dreadlocks and [were] so dirty … they looked like two little [ragamuffins],” Hall added.

dogs in cage
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New Chapter

Even though these sweet pups, who were later named Maggie and Mack, were initially scared of their rescuers, they eventually understood that they were only there to help.

After spending some time trying to get them in the carrier, Hall was able to load them up into her van and take them straight to the Camino Pet Hospital.

“[The] sweet babies were so tired, they fell asleep in my trap. They could finally sleep … they knew they were safe,” Hall wrote.

dogs in cage driving in the car
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As soon as they arrived, both Maggie and Mack were given a thorough medical evaluation and a much-needed haircut.

The hospital staff worked very carefully to shave the matted fur from their bodies and were overjoyed to see just how much happier the pups were after they took off their heavy coats.

After a long day and a long rescue, both the pups and the hoomans were finally able to relax.

fluffy dogs
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When their results finally came, everyone was relieved to find out that both of these sweet pups were in perfect health.

Maggie and Mack received a lot of pets and cuddles as well as yummy treats to reward them for being so incredible.

Final Word

The pups are now staying at their foster family where they are still trying to figure out what it’s like to be a house dog.

Luckily, being in such a loving environment, they are adjusting very fast and are feeling better with each passing day.

woman holding two dogs
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Hall is doing her best to try and find these incredible guys a loving home as soon as possible, but for the time being, she and her team are doing their best to shower Maggie and Mack with love and adoration, hoping that they would completely forget about their dark past.

“Layer by layer, we will put the past behind them. But they [are] finally safe,” Hall concluded.