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Dogfighting Survivor, Mila, Finds The Pawfect Mom Who Loves Her Unconditionally

Dogfighting Survivor, Mila, Finds The Pawfect Mom Who Loves Her Unconditionally

No dog is meant to be mean. Yet, there are some cruel humans in this world who take their roles for granted and use them only for self-serving purposes.

One of them was Mila, the sweetest dog and suspected dogfighting survivor.

When she first arrived at ASPCA Cruelty Recovery Center, Columbus, Ohio, Mila was far from being properly socialized. But, despite her past trauma, she was also far from being aggressive! All she wanted in this world was someone to love.

She Was The Sweetie From The Start

adorable dog laying on a bed
Source: ASPCA

Mila’s journey wasn’t an easy one.

Her first arrival at the ASPCA facility in Ohio was characterized by severe pain in her back leg, which was the result of the rough life she lived.

“Our staff noticed she had an ‘awkward gait,’ and was taken to see a veterinary orthopedic specialist. The specialist revealed she had severe trauma in her back left leg that required surgery,” ASPCA wrote in a Facebook post.

two dogs with tongues out
Source: ASPCA

It took this sweet girl months to fully recover, but she eventually got there. 

Endless days of healing resulted in Mila’s complete regaining of her muscle strength. Finally, she started to walk and play normally again.

Once she came out of her shell, the staff noticed how great of a dog Mila truly was. Instead of being a dog that needed help, she naturally became a helper herself

She assisted her caregivers in helping other dogs that coped with trauma, and became their shoulder to cry on.

dog sitting near pond
Source: ASPCA

Mila’s gentle and sweet personality instantly made everyone happy. She wasn’t aggressive at all nor did she have a hard time being around dogs and people. Quite the contrary – she was an inspiration to everyone!

Mila Deserves People To Love Her

woman kissing a dog
Source: ASPCA

The ultimate reward for such a tough journey came months later. A woman named Ashely stumbled upon Mila’s story online and immediately decided to meet her.

When the two finally saw each other – it was resolved! Mila and Ahsley were the perfect duo.

“I knew that Mila was in a suspected dogfighting scenario. I honestly think it made me want her more because I wanted to show her that she deserved a family and deserved people to love her and that there was never going to be any harm in her life after that,” Ashley said for ASPCA.

Their bond was so natural and amazing that Ashely spared no time and made Mila her permanent member of the family.

woman with green glasses and dog
Source: ASPCA

Today, this sweet girl goes on runs with her mom, but she doesn’t shy away from spending some quality time at home, too. 

Mila loves everything about her new life, but most of all, she’s human-oriented! She’s this big baby who loves meeting new people and has no problem being around anyone.

“I’ve never seen a bigger baby than Mila. She would never hurt a fly,” says Ashely.

One thing’s for sure – these two soulmates can’t imagine life without each other. This resilient, brave girl has made her momma’s days absolutely beautiful. The two run through mud puddles, play in the yard, and take on exciting adventures on a daily basis.

And, isn’t that what life is really about?