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Pittie Would Not Leave The Spot Where She Last Saw Her Owners But Then Someone Amazing Showed Up

Pittie Would Not Leave The Spot Where She Last Saw Her Owners But Then Someone Amazing Showed Up

There are no words to describe the fate of an abandoned dog left all alone by its owners. 

Those feelings of brokenness, distrust, and sorrow can’t be compared to anything. And, it’s usually only rescuers who understand how painful the abandonment must be for these four-legged creatures.

One such story comes from Texas, where a giant-hearted rescuer witnessed first-hand the true heartbreak of a dog. After she was cruelly abandoned in a park, the poor dog waited for her family to come back – but they never showed up.

Rosita’s Sad Backstory

Dog laying next to a tree
Source: Judy Obregon

Judy Obregon, of TAO Rescue, from Fort Worth, Texas, is known for her amazing dog rescues. This giant-hearted dog lover noticed Rosita for the first time in May 2021, at Carter Park, near the lake – an area known for abandoning animals.

She was just dumped by her family, so Judy decided to help her, but the poor Pittie girl was too afraid to approach. 

“Once she heard the sound of my truck, she bolted into the woods that she considered home. Like most do after being dumped like trash by the people they trusted,” Judy wrote on her Facebook.

Black dog sitting in the house
Source: Judy Obregon

Judy spent months trying to capture the dog, but every time she would come near, the Pittie would just run far away. It was a stressful period for both Judy and the dog. 

“I can’t begin to tell you how much stress, sleepless nights, crying every single day, because driving away without her was the most heartbreaking moment I’ve ever felt in my life,” wrote Judy.

After more than two months, the day finally arrived! Judy somehow lured the dog (she later named “Rosita”) into a trap, and minutes later, she was safe! 

After all those failed attempts, Judy couldn’t hide her happiness after securing Rosita. It was an emotional moment full of tears of joy, as Judy was so grateful for finally having Rosita on the safe side.

Amazing Transformation

Black dog playing outside
Source: Judy Obregon

The first week was extremely hard for Rosita. She was barely moving, as she was extremely fearful and traumatized, so Judy took things slow.

She made sure Rosita had everything she needed for a speedy recovery. Judy gave her a lot of space to explore the new foster home, and eventually – Rosita started coming out of her shell.

After only seven days, she completely transformed. This amazing girl started getting the zoomies once she realized she was finally in a safe place. She even started giving Judy the warmest kisses ever!

Within months, Judy and Rosita became inseparable! Even though she was just a foster, for Rosita Judy was so much more! The two formed an incredible bond, and soon enough – Judy’s house felt like home!

After less than a year around Judy, Rosita became the perfect companion. She adopted the good doggo manners and perfected her social skills, proving how intelligent she was all along!

“Rosita is well-mannered, smart, intelligent, eager to learn, funny, loyal, prettiest girl you’ll ever meet,” TAO rescue wrote.

Looking For A Furever Home

Even though Judy would love to keep Rosita for good (especially because the two have been together for two years), keeping her would mean having less time for other rescue missions.

“I know that it’s been two years and I’m sure people are saying: ‘You should just keep her,’ but to be honest with you, if I keep her, it’d be hard for me to save more Rositas,” Judy told The Dodo.

Rosita is still waiting for her perfect home, but we’re absolutely pawsitive that the right person is out there, and this patient girl will be so happy to meet that person one day!

“While her resilient spirit and loving nature have touched our hearts and others , she longs for a place to call her own,” the TAO team wrote.

We hope Rosita finds her ideal home soon and brightens one family’s home with her beautiful personality! After all she has been through, she absolutely deserves it! 

You can watch the full video of her rescue below!