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This Sweet Dog Would Not Abandon His Injured Friend Until Someone Came To Help

This Sweet Dog Would Not Abandon His Injured Friend Until Someone Came To Help

When a driver noticed two dogs running across a busy highway in California, they were terrified. 

Worried for their safety, they immediately reached out to Suzette Hall, a dog rescuer and the founder of Logan’s Legacy. They told her that the dogs needed urgent help and that one or both of them were injured. 

Hall, along with two fellow rescuers, Lou Dora and Arturo Flores, dashed to the ramp of the highway where the pups were last seen. 

Two Friends Console Each Other

white dog laying outdoor
Source: Suzette Hall

As soon as the rescuers arrived, they began searching for the dogs. While sifting through the brush, Hall found the Great Pyrenees lying on the ground. 

The rescuer felt saddened when she saw the dejected expression on the dog’s face. Hall also noticed that the pup’s eyes were filled with fear. She seemed to have lost hope that she and her friend would ever be rescued.

When Hall saw a small dog, later named Ambrose, lying next to his injured friend, her heart melted out of love. 

Ambrose wasn’t injured – he could freely move, and yet, he stayed by his best friend’s side. They only had each other. Ambrose’s loyalty to his friend was unwavering.

big white dog lying on the ground and a small dog next to him
Source: Suzette Hall

The rescuers assumed that the Great Pyrenees got hit by a car. They could only imagine the ordeal that she went through. Her only comfort was Ambrose. Seeing him lying next to her made her feel better.

When Ambrose realized that the rescuers were there to save his friend, he couldn’t contain his happiness.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how happy he was that we were there to save her. He was jumping up and down,” Hall told The Dodo.

Rescuing Two Best Friends

The rescuers knew they had to be extremely careful. The highway was too close and they didn’t want to scare the canines away. They slowly approached the pups and gained their trust.

First, the rescuers captured Ambrose.

Shortly afterward, Hall gently took the wonderful Great Pyrenees, later named Seraphina, in her arms and brought her to her car. 

Ambrose and Seraphina were glad that someone cared enough to come to their rescue. Seraphina’s eyes started filling with hope.

Hall took the dogs to see a vet for a complete checkup. The pups’ hero rejoiced when the vet told her that Seraphina’s leg was not broken, as she had previously thought. Seraphina had a small wound that would be easily treated.

Ambrose got a clean bill of health and she moved to a foster home, while her friend, Seraphina, continued recovering at the vet. 

As soon as Seraphina heals, the two best friends will be reunited.

Hall visits them often and the canines are happy to see their rescuer. As soon as they see her coming, they wrap their paws around her and give her the most adorable hugs.

“I have never seen two dogs so happy and grateful to be rescued,” Hall added.

I’m sure that these adorable pups will soon get their happily-ever-after. They deserve to find parents who will love them like they always dreamed of.

Many thanks to the Good Samaritan who reached out to Logan’s Legacy and to the amazing rescuers who took Ambrose and Seraphina away from the dangerous California highway.