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Big Dog Returned To The Shelter Due To Separation Anxiety, Now Has His Own Pack 

Big Dog Returned To The Shelter Due To Separation Anxiety, Now Has His Own Pack 

Jager, a beautiful Great Dane/Saint Bernard mix, first arrived at Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue after his owner surrendered him due to personal life changes. 

He got adopted by a wonderful family who absolutely adored him. 

All was going well until Jager started experiencing intense separation anxiety, leading to some not-so-great destructive behavior.

Even with training efforts, it was concluded that Jager would thrive much more in a pack-life environment. 

This turned out to be the best outcome because Jager ended up exactly where he belonged.

Rescuing Jager 

When Jager found himself back at the Idaho shelter once more, the staff was uncertain about the next steps to take. 

He needed a pack environment, but where to find it? 

That’s when they thought of someone who could be his savior. Lee Asher runs a non-profit sanctuary called “The Asher House” in Estacada, Oregon, on a large parcel of property, which is perfect for a huge pack of animals he has rescued over the years. 

“We reached out to Lee at The Asher House because we weren’t sure where else to turn… and we were thrilled and so grateful when Lee said yes to Jager,” Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue wrote in their post

After hearing his story, Asher couldn’t resist offering him a home. He firmly believed that Jager deserved a second chance, and he was confident he could provide the support and help the pup needed.

“It was the best outcome for Jager because now he will never be alone, and it’s like he’s always been a part of Lee’s pack. Thank you, Lee, for your huge heart and all you do for so many dogs, including Jager, who’s now a cherished member of the family,” the shelter added.

Jager was then transported to The Asher House, in Oregon, where he met his new dad and the rest of the pack. 

Life At The Asher House

Jager was slowly introduced to his new large pack, and luckily, everybody seemed to love him. 

“He seems to be quite relaxed. It’s a lot for him in one day – a big road trip, meeting all these new people, meeting many new dogs, many new smells. He’s really doing wonderful,” Asher said. 

There’s a long journey of learning and adjustment ahead for Jager, but Asher remains hopeful that he’s in the right place.

“People really need to understand that a dog his size with separation anxiety is going to be a lot different from a small dog with separation anxiety. They can and they will do a lot of damage to the house because they are strong animals with sharp teeth. If you’re going to bring in a dog with separation anxiety, you have to be prepared for it,” Asher added. 

While training and investing in the best courses can be helpful, sometimes the only solution is actually spending quality time with the dog and providing him with lots of mental and physical enrichment. 

Fortunately, with a pack as large as Asher’s, Jager will have an abundance of all that he needs – both mental and physical enrichment.