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Dog With Legendary Locks Pulls Off Every Hairstyle In The Book

Dog With Legendary Locks Pulls Off Every Hairstyle In The Book

No doubt that all doggos are fashionable in their own, pawdorable way, but some of them just steal the whole show!

Ladies and gents, meet Milo – the dog with the most unique, luscious hair ever! 

Not only does this amazing Cocker Spaniel from California let his momma give him the most fashionable hairstyles – but he actually enjoys it every step of the way!

And, he sure rocks all of them like a supermodel!

Milo And Momma’s Amazing Routine

portert dog with hairdo
Source: @miloandmeee_

Jayone Quevedo and her husband, Rene, have always been fond of dogs. Their loving home has always been filled with pooches of all breeds, but never, ever have they had a Cocker Spaniel – until Milo arrived!

He entered the Quevedo family like a puppy, but he soon stole the hearts of the entire family! With his sweet and cheerful personality, and definitely one-of-a-kind looks – Milo has become the Quevedo star!

As he grew up, his hair became longer than his momma thought it would be, so she came up with the sweetest idea ever! Instead of letting Milo spend the day with the craziest, spiky bed head, she decided to groom her dog like a supermodel!

“I always told myself that if I was going to have a pet, I was going to treat him like my baby,” Jayone told The Dodo.

Jayone uses a shampoo, conditioner, and coconut oil to keep Milo’s hair luscious, and she spends a lot of time brushing it!

As a result, Milo gets a new hairstyle every single day, and he definitely looks like the most fashionable doggo ever! 

portrait of a dog with a shaggy haircut
Source: @miloandmeee

He literally rocks every single hairstyle in the book, including Dutch braids, French braids, dragon braids, bubble braids, concert hairstyles, and space buns. One time, his mom gave him heatless curls, and they actually came out! 

Milo really enjoys every second of his long treatments, and he often falls asleep during them! 

“The way that I can tell that he enjoys it is, a lot of times, he’ll fall asleep when I’m brushing,” says Jayone.

And, when they’re done, he gives Jayone the most confused look, as if he’s trying to ask: “Hey, why did you stop?”

Who’s The Prettiest Boi

the girl is holding an adorable dog in her arms
source: @miloandmeee_

Milo’s simply made to be the family’s sweetheart. He’s naturally very loveable and he enjoys cuddling with his family, so his hair styling sessions represent just another way of bonding with his mom

“Milo is the sweetest most loving doggie in the world and I’m so lucky to have him in my life . He will never know it but he makes life so much better,” Jayone wrote on her Instagram.

two smiling dogs are looking at the camera while lying on the bed
Source: @miloandmeee_

And, when he’s not being momma’s fashionable boi, Milo is spending time with the rest of his family. Together with his Husky sibling, Harley, and the rest of their doggo family, he takes on little adventures on a daily basis.

Jayone and Rene’s California home is basically flooded with doggos (and a cat) – and they love it! 

Milo and his pawdorable pack make sure to always entertain their family and give them good laughs, but most of all, they love each other very much!

This fantastic family takes trips together, goes camping together, and makes sure to make as many memories as possible along the way. And, we’re absolutely positive that Milo’s fabulous haircuts are some of the top on the list!

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