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Dog Who Was Locked In A Basement Becomes Dependant On Human Touch

Dog Who Was Locked In A Basement Becomes Dependant On Human Touch

Cashmere is a pup who, unfortunately, didn’t have a happy life growing up.

Being found in a basement with another dog, Cashmere really needed somebody who would nurture him – reminding him of how important he truly is.

Luckily, he got just that.


After he was taken in by animal control officers, Cashmere was taken to the vet to be examined.

Even though he had a couple of bite wounds on his body, he was fit enough to be placed into foster care.

A couple of people did come forward, claiming to be his owners, but after that didn’t prove to be right, he was able to find himself a family willing to adopt him.

Unfortunately, because Cashmere didn’t really get along with the family’s cat, he ended up being returned to a Washington-based rescue.

Spending some time at Humane Rescue Alliance, located in Washington, DC, Cashmere met a woman by the name of Maya, with whom he instantly clicked.  

“As soon as I saw him, I said ‘Him! That’s my dog,’” said Maya.

New Life

Even though Cashmere is a pup big in size, his heart is even bigger, making him the sweetest dog around.

He looks big but he is just a real softie at heart. He is really loving.

Apart from gaining a new family, he also got a little brother – a pup named Banana who is also a rescue.

Spending time playing with Banana is one of his favorite pastime activities!

“He is very patient with Banana. Banana is all over the place,” said Jonathan, Maya’s partner.

Pro Cuddler

Because of his unfortunate past, Cashmere did develop anxiety, making him uncomfortable around new people and preferring to be surrounded by people he knows and loves.

But, when he is around his people, Cashmere loves to be really close.

He loves being where everyone is. And if not next to you, right on top of you, probably in a really inconvenient, heavy way.

This cuddly pup doesn’t really care what position he is in or who is cuddling who. All he cares about is feeling somebody right next to him.

He really hates barriers. We have a little gate that separates our dining room from our living room. If we put him on the other side of the gate he will be whining because he wants to be on the side that we are on.

Cashmere also feels the need to be there for his hoomans when they are feeling down. When he notices his mom crying, he will come to her and lick away her tears, showing that he is there for her.

Additionally, he gets in between Maya and Jonathan whenever they get into an argument, putting his paw on either one of them and reminding them that there is no need to argue.

And, when they are showing love for each other, he loves making himself known and trying to get some of that sweet love, too.

He is my soul dog, truly. Through and through. I feel very connected to him.