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A Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Stuffed Animal

A Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Stuffed Animal

As a former dog owner, I have to admit that it was a really difficult job. I would have a lot of trouble, which would make it difficult to give my German Shepherd the attention he deserved.

But, despite this, I loved him very much and would do anything for him. Even at times when it was really hard to care for him, I always figured something out.

However, this is not always possible and it might be difficult for some to understand. Sometimes, life will drag you where you don’t want to go, and it will lead to many bad things happening.

In this story, we will talk about a sad dog who was surrendered by his family to a shelter and was almost euthanized before somebody helped him.

A Difficult Situation

dog with toy
Source: YouTube

While Smokey still had a family, one thing they liked doing was getting him many stuffed animals to play with.

One he was particularly fond of was some kind of elephant. He was almost never seen without it.

He even slept with it every night, and would wake up in the morning still clutching it tightly.

However, despite things going so well for Smokey, his owners were going through a tough time and had to downsize their home. 

dog sitting with toy on the floor
Source: YouTube

Because money also became extremely tight, it was very difficult to keep Smokey well fed. His owners realized that it was not going to work anymore.

Things took a turn for the worse when the owners realized they were going to lose their home, so they needed to find someone who could take care of Smokey.

They were forced to give him up to a shelter, and they hoped for him to find some other family that could make him happy.

Having to say goodbye broke Smokey almost completely. He became extremely anxious after being surrendered to the shelter.

He would not interact with anyone, and all he did for most of the day was lay on his bed with his favorite stuffed animal.

Start Of A New And Better Life

dog with toy on the couch
Source: YouTube

The shelter workers tried their best to find someone for him, but it didn’t work. His story and pictures drew some people in, but he did not care enough to see them and would distance himself.

This was bad, as he also started showing signs of aggression, and that meant he was no longer adoptable and was heading for the euthanization route soon.

Because they couldn’t accommodate him for too long, as he was aggressive to potential adopters, they set the date for his euthanization.

Nobody wanted this to happen, so they kept on pushing and searching for other rescue organizations that could take care of him and try something that would change him.

dog standing with stuffed toy
Source: YouTube

Luckily, for him, an organization called I Have a Dream, from Ohio, contacted them and agreed to shelter him.

In no time, they found him a foster home where his anxiety and anger was gone, and he managed to change his attitude completely.

He wasn’t depressed anymore, and he liked playing again, which was a really good sign of recovery from his trauma. Smokey still loved walking around with his stuffed elephant.

Even though it was considered a bit premature, the rescue organization from Ohio signed him up for adoption and posted his story in hopes that it would increase his chances.

Sure enough, after seeing his picture on the internet, a kind family came and took Smokey to his forever home where he can learn what it feels like to enjoy life again.

He has been through so much trauma and he deserves somebody who will understand and care for him.