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Dog Who Was Allergic To Humans Overcame His Allergies Thanks To The Incredible Care Of His Owner

Dog Who Was Allergic To Humans Overcame His Allergies Thanks To The Incredible Care Of His Owner

A woman named Kelly went through a difficult period in her life and felt as if she was missing something.

Deciding to do something about it, she came to the conclusion that adopting a sweet Husky by the name of Champ would be helpful. And, she was right.

New Family

Champ is a dog with a very unique personality. Being extremely treat-motivated, he will completely ignore you if you are calling him without a delicious snack in your hands.

However, if there is something that he wants, he will make sure that he gets it.

“He will bark at you or he will just stare at you until you like give in to him,” said Kelly.

As Champ started settling in, Kelly decided that he needed a brother to share his days with, so she adopted a dog named Tyson.

Even though it took them a bit of time to get used to each other, these two pups became inseparable.

Medical Issues

Even though Champ is one happy pup, his life is not as easy as one might think.

When Champ started throwing up a lot and getting colitis and skin infections, his family had no clue what was going on. Later, they discovered that he was suffering from severe allergies.

Because of his allergies, Champ gets a lot of rashes and hot spots, and itchy and painful sores.

We went to a specialist and she did the allergy test on him so she was able to pinpoint exactly what the allergies were. He was allergic to humans, ants, trees, and grass… It’s a laundry list.

He also has a lot of food allergies, which makes it difficult for Kelly to find foods that are safe for him to eat.

Luckily, he was put on immunotherapy, which allowed him to be desensitized of his allergies.

I feel like I’m so much closer to him because I have to take so much better care of him. Because of the things that go on in his life with the allergies and stuff.

Even though it’s not always so easy, Kelly found out that taking care of Champ so much strengthened the bond between them.  

So much so that they even started acting very similarly. When Kelly is grumpy, so is Champ, and when Champ is a little bit moody, so is Kelly.

He is my soulmate dog.

Importance Of Awareness

This is an incredible story that shows us just how important it is to be aware and committed to our pets.

If your pet has any medical issues, remember that some hardships may be a blessing in disguise.

Just like Kelly created an unbreakable bond with Champ as she took care of his allergies, you, too, can get closer to your four-legged friend by showing him just how much you care.

However, it is important to be observant and notice any strange behavior in your pet, as discovering the issue and treating it as soon as possible will make the healing journey so much easier.