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Dog Who Stole Halloween Decorations From Neighbors Was Caught Red-handed

Dog Who Stole Halloween Decorations From Neighbors Was Caught Red-handed

Since all of the kids of the Petito household have already grown older, they didn’t really plan to fully get into the Halloween spirit.

However, not every single member of the family had given up on the tradition just yet.

Spooky Season

Even though the family didn’t plan to embellish their house in true spooky fashion, they started finding random Halloween decorations around their front yard and porch.

Things such as pumpkins, ghost figures, and Styrofoam tombstones just started appearing out of nowhere.

When trying to figure out who was bringing these objects, the family excluded their dog, Bear, as he was recently fixed to a dog cone.

Apart from the cone, the back yard is also fenced in without an obvious way out. But, Bear managed to find one.

Getting Into The Spirit

The mystery was resolved one night when the Petitos’ doorbell camera notified the family that there was some movement happening in their yard.

When they checked the camera footage, they had something to see!

“When I opened the door, Bear was standing there, all proud, with a styrofoam tombstone, wagging his tail,” said Jennifer Petito. 

It was Bear all along.

Upon some investigating, the family discovered a hole that was dug beneath the back fence, which not only allowed him to squeeze through, but his cone, too.

It took us a while to figure out how he kept getting out.

The family also found out that all of the decorations belonged to their neighbors.

And, being the good neighbors that they are, they took photos of the items and posted them on a local group chat so they could be returned to their rightful owners.

The neighbors have all been great so far. Everyone thinks it’s funny.

Final Word

Hoping to end his stealing spree and make sure that their neighbor’s decorations stay up, they patched up the hole Bear used to sneak out.

We just had [a new fence] installed the other day. So, hopefully, everyone’s Christmas decorations will be safe.

Even though Bear had been caught red-handed, he still managed to transform what was intended to be a quite dull Halloween into the most memorable one yet for the Petito family.