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Dog Who Spent Three Years In A Shelter Finally Finds Her Forever Home

Dog Who Spent Three Years In A Shelter Finally Finds Her Forever Home

Even though the staff of every shelter tries their best to make the stay of animals as comfortable as possible, it’s not always that simple.

Some animals have to wait years to get adopted while others, sadly, never even experience the joy of a forever home at all.

A Long Wait

happy dog laying
Source: spcaLA

When a pup by the name of Cinderella, a 5-year-old Pittie mix, arrived at the spcaLA’s Long Beach shelter, she was the sweetest little girl ever.

She loved to spend hours playing with any form of company she could find and asking for some good old belly rubs.

However, as sweet as she was, Cinderella didn’t manage to pique any interest of potential adopters.

dog laying on the floor
Source: spcaLA

Cinderella would end up spending the next 1,139 days calling spcaLA her home.

Unexpected Complications

During her stay at the shelter, Cinderella developed a limp in one of her back legs, which later turned out to be because of a torn ligament.

In order for her leg to heal, Cinderella needed costly surgery which, luckily, the shelter was able to cover, thanks to generous donations of incredible hoomans.  

dog sitting in dog cage
Source: spcaLA

The surgery was a success!

Because she needed a warm environment to heal in, Cinderella was put into foster care.

After an intense three months of physical therapy and finding out what it was like to be loved, Cinderella was feeling better than ever.

By radiating love and happiness, Cinderella managed to find a family willing to take her in.

Unfortunately, after only spending a day in her new home, Cinderella was returned to the shelter because she seemed to be too large.

“It’s just been a very long road. Our experience is that for very special dogs, they just need the perfect family, the perfect fit, and we do everything we can to reach those people,” said Ana Bustilloz, spcaLA’s Long Beach’s communications and marketing director. 

Change Of Luck

Even though this pup went through so much, Cinderella did not allow the past to discourage her. And, she was absolutely right!

When a little family came to the shelter asking which dog had been at the shelter the longest, Cinderella’s life changed forever.

“She chose us. We didn’t choose her… Right now, I’m teaching my children that a lot of animals are left because of their ages, because of their breeds,” said Jasika Sarceno, Cinderella’s new mom.

couple and their kid and their dog
Source: spcaLA

Thanks to countless hours of animal behavior training and enrichment, this pup was more than ready to start her new life with a family who loved and appreciated her just like she deserved.

She is so playful, she’s loving, she doesn’t bark at anybody, really. She’s really, really good with the kids, and she protects my son already.

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Source: spcaLA

Final Word

There are so many more animal shelters across the country that are filled with animals in desperate need of adoption.

So please, if you have the means, make your way down to your local shelter and see whether there is a little adorable animal ready to become your best friend.