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Dog Who Spent Over A Decade On The Streets Finally Gets To Enjoy The Comforts Of A Home

Dog Who Spent Over A Decade On The Streets Finally Gets To Enjoy The Comforts Of A Home

After spending his entire life without a home or anyone to care for him, this sweet dog finally found a glimmer of hope when a compassionate rescuer stepped in to give him the opportunity for a better life.

He was spotted trudging along the road in a pitiful state, barely hanging on to life. 

There was something unique about this dog that prompted Prue to quickly pull over her car and approach him.

Fortunately, being the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals, Mission Pawsible, she turned out to be precisely the person this poor dog needed.

Meet Sir Elton John 

While inquiring about this dog, Prue was told that he didn’t have a home and that he had likely lived on the streets for approximately 10 to 15 years in this condition. 

“His skin wasn’t great, he was very thin, but he was so sweet from the get-go. It was incredibly dangerous, busy road, so I picked him up and I put him into the car,” Prue told The Dodo

As they drove to the local clinic, Prue was brainstorming and trying to come up with a fitting name for him.

At that moment, Elton John happened to be playing on the radio, so he was named Sir Elton John, after the legendary singer himself. 

Sadly, his medical report wasn’t good. 

“He had TVT cancer, skin conditions, parasites, plus the worst case of spondylosis the vets had ever seen (arthritis in the spine),” Mission Pawsible wrote in one of their Facebook posts

dog sitting in sunlight
Source: Facebook

Upon learning all that, they immediately began treatment. They focused on boosting his immune system, initiated chemotherapy, and even incorporated acupuncture, which significantly improved his movement and pain tolerance. 

Additionally, he was receiving the love and attention that he had missed throughout his entire life. 

Living The Dream Life 

Elton was eventually a completely new dog. 

After a couple of months, he completed his chemotherapy and was finally cancer free. 

“I actually haven’t tried to advertise him, because I feel like people don’t really understand senior dogs. Now that he is in our home, forever loved, he is so happy,” Prue said. 

He blossomed into the sweetest, kindest old dog, which was such a calming presence to the family and the whole pack. 

“He loved people. All people. Especially those that would scratch his head. That was his pure bliss and love language — affection,” she wrote.  

Elton loved to rest his head on his people, and was always asking for scratches and affection. 

Unfortunately, this 15-year-old dog got to enjoy his new life for only eight months, but at least he got to experience what true love feels like. 

“In November 2022 Elton enjoyed his morning sleep in the sunshine and never woke up. I believe he left peacefully, whilst I was away visiting my gravelly ill father, to shield me from more heartbreak. That’s how much of a gentleman he was,” Prue said in her goodbye post

Elton loved love and was lucky enough to spend his last months in a home where he was loved unconditionally. To Mission Pawsible – thank you for saving and loving him!