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The Social Butterfly: Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors Gets An Intro Sign

The Social Butterfly: Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors Gets An Intro Sign

Here’s Potato, probably the world’s friendliest dog. Okay, maybe not in the world, but in her neighborhood for sure! Be that as it is, Potato is one social Corgi who loves saying HI to people passing by her fence.

“Her personality is like a door greeter at a grocery store,” told Cee, Potato’s parent.

Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors

Ever since Potato was just a tiny tot of six months, she loved spending her days outside, inviting people with her gorgeous eyes to come and pet her. And boy, did the people come and greet Potato!

But, times suddenly changed, and Potato’s hobby was in danger of being put to an end. When the pandemic situation started last year, Potato’s parents had to do something, so the neighbors would keep on petting the adorable Corgi.

Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors

So, what did they do? They put up a sign!

“We wanted to reassure people it was OK to pet her,” Cee said. “Plus, she was getting depressed from the sudden lack of attention. She started barking at people she knew who normally pet her who had stopped. And we figured it would be a nice way to be connected to our neighbors and to help people feel a little less lonely during this weird time.”

It took some time, but the perfect sign was made. They posted the cute and friendly sign outside on their fence, and people started coming by once again. But, now, they were even more in love with this pup who spreads joy.

The coronavirus situation made us turn to alternative ways of spending our time. More and more people are taking walks in their neighborhoods, trying to make the time go by faster. Potato’s neighborhood is lucky to have her.

A smile here, a cute face there, and Potato will make your day!

“I first met Potato walking with my girlfriend in our neighborhood,” said Sean Carr, one of Potato’s neighbors. “With COVID, my photography business was basically shut down, and she was working from home. We’d walk around looking at houses and all of the flowers and plants. One day we noticed the sign and that sweet little Potato. We’ve probably gone by at least once a week since to see if Potato is out.”

Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors

The sign definitely helped to spread the word about Potato. She’s gaining more attention and couldn’t be more excited. Greeting fans is what makes her engine keep on going.

“People have been waiting 6 feet apart in a line on really nice days,” Cee said. “We are thinking of getting those spacer circles for the ground on the sidewalk. Sometimes people call her name in the yard while she’s indoors, and she anxiously rings her doorbell to go out because she doesn’t want to miss them. If it’s a nice day and not raining and we’re home, she’s out there all day, from 10 a.m. to sunset.”

Dog Who Loves Saying “Hi” To Neighbors

The whole situation made us turn to our families and realize they’re what’s important. But, to Potato, it’s a tie between her family and her fans.

“She prefers being [with] her fans over her family,” Cee said.