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Heartbroken Dog Who Lost All Of Her Friends Due To A Hoarding Situation Hopes To Honor Them By Getting Adopted

Heartbroken Dog Who Lost All Of Her Friends Due To A Hoarding Situation Hopes To Honor Them By Getting Adopted

Living on the street as a helpless animal is hard. However, sometimes it is even harder for an animal to be locked up inside a small house without enough room, proper care, or even love.

Unfortunately, the pup of today’s story, Shyla, grew up in such a place.

Before being rescued, Shyla lived in a backyard breeding and hoarding situation along with several other dogs. After being taken to an overcrowded shelter in Huston, unfortunately, only Shyla made it.

But her misfortunes didn’t stop. Because of the overcrowdedness, Shyla was scheduled to be euthanized. But then, at the very last minute, an incredible hooman stepped in to help.

Finally Safe

As soon as an advocate dog lover heard about her traumatic past and her horrific future, they decided to take Shyla in as a foster.

“She was saved because a foster was able to get her five minutes after the deadline,” Chelsea Domaleski, a shelter volunteer, told The Dodo.

However, because of unforeseen circumstances, Shyla’s foster was forced to surrender her yet again after caring for her for only a month. Domaleski and her boyfriend placed her in a boarding facility and are taking care of the bill, but they won’t be able to afford it for much longer.

What Shyla needs now is a loving family willing to take her in and give her the life of her dreams.   

Looking For A Home

Despite her troubling past, Shyla is still an adorable puppy who has nothing but love in her heart and fun in her tail.

“She loves people and is super snuggly and friendly. She’s been living with a bunch of other dogs at the boarder’s house and has been getting along well with them all. She likes to go for walks and hang outside in the sun with the other pups,” Domaleski said.

Just because Shyla wasn’t lucky enough to be born into a loving family doesn’t mean that she can’t have it now! She is a super sweet pup who would be the best girl to whoever decides to adopt her.

“She was neglected and let down by humans her whole life and is ready for someone to love and care for her the way she deserves,” Domaleski added.

Shyla is currently recovering from heartworm and is hoping that another foster family will offer her a helping hand and help her while she heals. As soon as she recovers, she can start looking for a family of her own.

Since she would most likely be put down if she returned to the shelter, that is not an option!

If you or someone you know can take Shyla in as a foster and buy her some time until she can find the family of her dreams, please check out her Instagram for more information. If not, consider donating to her GoFundMe.